No.1 Quality

We aim our clients always to get top quality telecommunication and customer services. We know that only creating a high-quality product allows the company to prosper and bring joy to its clients.

Communication Services Quality

The Kyivstar network demonstrates high quality and productivity of communication services that meet international standards of cellular networks. Every day we continue working at improvement of communication and coverage quality indicators.

Every year we expand the Kyivstar network. Now, as of January 2012, there are more than 14 000 base stations across the country.

We constantly improve the network coverage. Since the time of company’s foundation the total amount of investments into the Kyivstar network coverage development has made more than $ 3 billion.

Professional planning and usage of high quality equipment of the world leading suppliers ensure steady quality of Kyivstar services. The Kyivstar network enters the list of the best world networks by main productivity and quality indicators.

Every year the Ericsson Company carries out the audit of the network performance in 5 regions (Europe and Middle East, Africa, Asia and Pacific Region, Latin America, North America). In the 4th quarter of 2011 the company carried out international independent audit of key productivity indicators — Network Quality Benchmarking GSM Radio Network Report 2011, Q4 among 79 world operators, which networks are built on Ericsson equipment and that agreed to declare the results.

The quality of communication services is measured by many indicators. They are the share of phone calls with good speech quality, call break frequency, easy redial, including that from different places and under high network load, noise during a call, average transmission rate from base station to clients’ equipment by means of EDGE technology, etc.

The productivity and quality indicators by audit results of Ericsson which allow the Kyivstar network to enter 25% world’s best networks:

  • The share of voice calls with good speech quality is more than 96%.
  • The call break frequency is less than one time for 330 minutes.
  • The average speed of data transmission from the base station to clients’ equipment by EDGE technology is about 135 Kb per second.
  • The volume of packet data traffic grows by approximately 5% every month.

Official letter of Ericsson Company (PDF, 272 KB)

Service Quality

Kyivstar customers get the highest level of client services. Each customer can choose the most convenient way of getting professional advice from the company’s specialists.

We are expanding our Customers Service Centers network (CSC). There are more than 210 centers all over Ukraine, and their number is constantly increasing. The main Customers Service Center was opened in Kiev on February 11, 2012. Now it is the biggest and up-to-date CSC in Ukraine which have all the innovative solutions for the clients’ comfort.

More than 9 500 customers address the CSCs every day. The number of information kiosks located in the Customers Service Centers is about 200.

More than 1 000 000 company customers use a unique My Kyivstar self-service system.

We serve the clients round the clock using the resources of 4 Call Centers of our own situated in Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv and Cherkasy.

For three years in succession we participate in the honorable contest of Crystal Headset CCG Center Awards. In 2010 we became the winners in two nominations — The Best Call Center for Work and “he Best Client Service Call Center; in 2011 we won in The Best Big Contact Center nomination. In 2012 the Kyivstar Call Center became the leader in The Best Big Contact Center and The Best Modernization Program/Development Strategy nominations.

The winners were chosen with regard to the quality of client service, experts’ working rates and the level of call center integration into the company’s business processes. Clients’ and Kyivstar employees’ responses and assessments were also taken into consideration.

Every quarter Kyivstar gets feedback from its clients on the quality of service in the Call Center and customers service centers. Their responses and remarks make the basis of People’s Assessment Program of the company. In 2011 the customers evaluated the service specialists’ performance as “very good”. More than 200 000 operator’s customers participated in the People’s Assessment Program.

During a year 1 200 Kyivstar Call Center employees provided around 33 mln professional advices. In 2011 Kyivstar customers kept on marking the service quality growth when addressing the company Call Center. Thus, in the 4th quarter the experts of phone support obtained the highest assessment during the year — 4.54 points. The annual average assessment of Kyivstar Call Center operators’ performance made 4.5 points.

The average assessment for the work of Customers Service Center specialists made 4.59 points in 2011.

We do all that taking caring about you, our clients, so that you could further entrust us the greatest value — your communication.