Customers’ trust is the main value for Kyivstar; therefore quality has always been and will be invariable priority for us.

Kyivstar Communication Quality

Reliability and safety

  • With Kyivstar everyone can be always sure in communication quality that is permanently excellent quality of signal, accurate sound transmission as well as quick and stable connection.
  • Kyivstar network is the highest-grade and the safest modern equipment from the best world vendors, certified in Ukraine and abroad.
  • Kyivstar actively invests in the network development and optimizes its performance thus constantly increasing radiointerference protection and preventing overloads.

Kyivstar Service Quality

Simplicity and usefulness

  • Kyivstar offers to everybody reliable, simple and useful services that correspond to each one’s needs and improve our life.
  • Kyivstar always provides necessary and trustworthy information concerning all its services in full measure.
  • One can make use of Kyivstar services practically all over the whole world.

Kyivstar Customer Service Quality

Benevolence and constructiveness

  • Kyivstar guarantees constructive, benevolent and professional servicing as well as welcome climate in all Customers Service Centers for everybody.
  • Kyivstar guarantees the most simple and convenient subscription/payment procedure and convenient location of Customers Service Centers and points-of-sales.
  • With Kyivstar everybody can reckon on quick connection with Call Center expert as well as on using the best Interactive Voice Response system, which is constantly improving.

Kyivstar Team Quality

Professionalism and development

  • Kyivstar is a unique professionals’ team of the highest level, who use their knowledge and skills for the customers’ welfare.
  • Kyivstar actively introduces and makes good use of the most up-to-date world experience of processes’ management and organization.
  • Kyivstar team means everyday improvement and progress.

Social Responsibility — Kyivstar Quality

Responsibility and care

  • Kyivstar is a Ukrainian company and we are extremely proud of this fact. We sequentially work in order to make the life of Ukrainians better. We actively help to develop the most significant social and cultural trends and render help to those who needs it badly.
  • Kyivstar is guided by the high standards of world business-culture and popularize them, being the paragon of making business for other Ukrainian companies.
  • Kyivstar is a disciplined and responsible taxpayer which adheres to the Ukrainian laws, national and international technical standards and recommendations in telecommunications field.