Services Fair Use Policy

Within the "Services Fair Use Policy", Kyivstar provides customers with the proper quality of mobile and 4G/3G internet services; makes efforts to protect clients from cases of SMS spam, fraud, abuse of outgoing international calls through interference with the traffic routing process and other actions that impair the quality of voice services for Kyivstar customers.

Policy Terms:

  • The Network Fair Use Policy

    The "Network Fair Use Policy" can only be applied to mobile internet users with a maximum traffic usage, that is exceeded 3000 MB per day. There are less than 1% of such users.

    • I received a message about maximum traffic usage. What does it mean?

      You've reached up to 1% of users with the maximum amount of traffic consumed. The traffic for your number exceeded the average usage. This means that you used more than 3,000 MB of mobile internet per day. Now the maximum speed is up to 0.8 Mbps, but the internet is still not charged. This speed is enough to comfortably use social networks and messengers, surf the internet and even stream video on a smartphone.

    • For how long does this speed limit apply?

      Speed ​​limit is valid until the end of the day.

    • What is the "Network Fair Use Policy"?

      This is a necessary measure on the part of the operator. We give all customers equal access to mobile internet usage. However, some of our customers with the highest traffic usage are putting extra strain on the network. This load prevents other customers from using the mobile internet comfortably, since the amount of network power is fixed at each base station.

    • But I pay for unlimited internet.

      Kyivstar does not restrict internet usage, you really do get a hold on it. The speed limit may be effective when you have used more than 3,000 MB of mobile internet per day, subject to network congestion. However, you still do not pay separately for megabytes, and traffic remains unlimited.

    • How can this be avoided? Can I pay more to use the internet without speed limits?

      No. The terms of your tariff do not change within the policy and if you use the internet rationally you will not notice a difference in speed. Unless you consume too much traffic and overload your network with your actions, you are unlikely to see a slowdown.

    • Are there any other restrictions on mobile internet use?

      No, we do not impose additional restrictions:

      • you can use your smartphone as an access point, and you can use your SIM card in a tablet or modem;
      • access to file sharing resources (torrents) is open and not restricted individually.
  • SMS text messages sending service

    To protect customers from SMS Spam, the company requires that consumers follow the 'Policies of equitable use of SMS text messages sending service': the SMS service can be restricted for customers, who use customer numbers to send SMS Spam (including SMS messages for commercial purposes in order to advertise any goods or services) and/or messages, which have indications of malicious calls and/or are sent for fraudulent purposes.

    To those who want to send SMS of a commercial nature to their clients, partners or employees, Kyivstar recommends using the service of promoting SMS distribution, sending text messages from alphanumeric names with such purposes:

    • informing about sales, individual discounts, special offers;
    • sending news, events announcements, invites;
    • sending reports on completing orders, bookings, registrations;
    • greetings on holidays, special events, etc.

    Our customers who use the SMS text messages sending service in order to communicate with relatives and friends won’t feel any changes.

    SMS Spam is electronic, text and\or multimedia messages that are sent on purpose and/or massively without customer’s previous consent (order) to their emails or end-user equipment, except for operator’s, telecommunications provider’s or public authorities’ messages in the cases provided by law, and also sending messages about sales, draws, provision of services, products, goods, that were not ordered, messages with offers to replenish personal account, that were not sent by operator, that cannot be stopped and that cause psychological and/or material damage to consumer and/or operator, provider.

  • International calls

    The company reserves the right to temporarily suspend or completely terminate access to telecommunications services in general or partly (in international calls sphere) in case if the company or designated public authorities find out the breach of the rules in sphere of international connection or misuse of international connection services in the form, but not limited to:

    • usage of the ordered communications services including customer number pursuing the commercial;
    • breach of the rules of the international calls traffic routing;
    • any actions with ordered communications services in the operator’s telecommunication network, which bring financial losses of the company, breach of the traffic routing schemes, worsening of the provided services quality, customers’ complaints.