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Welcome to the Kyivstar Team


Kyivstar is one of the top 20 best employers in Ukraine and is the most attractive employer for young people and students.

We do our best to ensure that every employee feels comfortable at work. The company organizes trainings, English courses and speaking clubs, our team members can choose an individual schedule or work from home.

We are proud of our motivation programs and regular business campuses. Our experts are frequent guests at various conferences and workshops. Working in the company, our employees get international experience, because many projects are implemented not only in Ukraine but also in other countries of the VEON group.

Our exciting moments

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    We are looking for talents, not just employees!

    "We are looking for talents, not just employees!" — this is the one of the critical direction of the Kyivstar headhunting strategy. Besides, we try to impart our values ​​to the candidates at the selection stage.

    Within the internship program StartYourSelf we::

    • considered 300 applications of candidates
    • conducted 3 competitive stages for applicants
    • organized a new format of the selection for the company called assessment
    • tested future interns on the performance and motivation

    At the last 6-hours step 35 students have been developing the concept of an ideal school that would meet modern market demands, and 15 managers of functions were choosing the best business decision.

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    Kyivstar proudly presents Recruiter Selfie

    All of us like our Selfies, so do recruiters and newly hired colleagues in Kyivstar!!!

    To welcome the candidates and give them an awesome onboarding experience, we have started taking cool selfies of the new hires with the HR-team, recruiter, and, hiring managers. We call it the Recruiter Selfie.

    Look at the results below… More to come.

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    Discover Kyivstar Big Data School

    1712 candidates have applied for studies in Kyivstar Big Data School 2.0, and only 20 talented ones were selected.

    The students participated in a 10-day workshop held by the Big Data gurus. Afterwards, the student passed the final examination.

    So we had 20 graduates with their product solutions for Kyivstar business-clients, which may be released.

    This is a sum up of Kyivstar Big Data School 2.0 during the 2017 semester. Please be sure to stay up to date to avoid missing the next registration, it promises to be cool.

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    Be a Digital Superstar!

    Have you heard that people have been asking chatbots on dates? That’s quite funny. During the talk, we gathered six insights from Vlad on how to become a digital superstar. Here’s the advice he has:
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    Celebrating The Vyshyvanka Day with our employees

    A few weeks ago we celebrated The Vyshyvanka Day with our employees and Tsipa. We created stunning mosaics of images, and the result is below....



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