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Kyivstar is one of the top 20 best employers in Ukraine and is the most attractive employer for young people and students.

We do our best to ensure that every employee feels comfortable at work. The company organizes trainings, English courses and speaking clubs, our team members can choose an individual schedule or work from home.

We are proud of our motivation programs and regular business campuses. Our experts are frequent guests at various conferences and workshops. Working in the company, our employees get international experience, because many projects are implemented not only in Ukraine but also in other countries of the VEON group.

Our exciting moments

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    STARt Yourself Internship Program 2020

    On August 4, the third STARt Yourself 2020 internship program for students began. Despite the quarantine, 29 interns started working in different divisions of the company.

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    Deloitte TMT Talks: how innovations are taking over telecom

    Zoya Dronshkevich, director of corporate strategy at Kyivstar, tells why Ukraine is not ready for 5G yet, how businesses can move to the cloud and how subscribers behave during the quarantine.

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    Kyivstar is recognized as the “Company of the Year” in mobile communications

    The jury of the Telecom Ukraine 2020 awarded Kyivstar a victory in the “Company of the Year” nomination in mobile communications, as well as awards in several other nominations.

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    Why diversity of employees is good for the company

    Why is “looking for a girl from 20 to 40 years old” a losing strategy for the company's development? Work.ua together with Kyivstar listened and talked about diversity at the webinar “Win-win: What benefits do the company and its employees get from the principle of diversity”.

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    Kyivstar is recognized as the best employer in Ukraine

    This year Kyivstar became the leader in several nominations of “TOP 100. Ratings of the largest”. The company took first place in “The best employer” nomination, and Oksana Oleynik, HR and organization development director, was recognized as one of the top three HR-managers in Ukraine.

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    Online quest for Buddy

    63 new mentors from headquarters and regional offices took part in the first online quest, where they “virtually” returned to the office, overcame a lot of obstacles and found their mentees!

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    Kyivstar Returnship 2020: a chance to relaunch a career after a long break

    This autumn, Kyivstar will conduct a paid internship for people over 30 for the second time. It was created for those who burned out in their profession and want to start something new, as well as those who have not worked for a long time.

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    Why companies need to conduct internships: the Kyivstar experience

    Kyivstar launches Kyivstar Returnship 2020, an internship for those who have had a career break for more than 3 years, and those who have decided to radically change their profession and start anew. Often such people are not welcome to hire because of different stereotypes.

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    Olexander Komarov in the rating of the best top managers of Ukraine in the telecom field

    “Focus” magazine traditionally ranked the best top managers in 13 sectors of the Ukrainian economy. Three winners were chosen in each industry, united by the ability to evolve under challenging conditions.

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    Buddy program in Kyivstar

    Kyivstar is a dynamic company, a complex structure, with so many processes that even experienced workers sometimes struggle to track all the events. It is great when there is someone who can give an answer to any question or can help to solve your problem. That is why we launched the Buddy program in Kyivstar.

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    Telecom in quarantine: how Kyivstar motivates its employees

    Like the whole world, our country is going through difficult, turbulent times. And, of course, during a crisis, communication services become especially important for every person.

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    From product managers and designers to QA, back-end and DevOps engineers: how Kyivstar cultivates its teams for developing IT products

    Ukrainian ІТ and product field is constantly growing and evolving. Kyivstar decided to cultivate it inside the company.

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    Kyivstar lifehacks to help you faster adapt to working remotely

    From the first day of the quarantine, we at Kyivstar made everything possible to ensure that the working conditions of our employees who provide continuous communication are as safe as possible.

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    Open space 2.0

    Kyivstar is working to create the most comfortable working conditions, is continuously updating and looking for new ways to improve work processes.

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    Kyivstar entered the TOP 25 best employers for young talents

    According to the results of 2019, Kyivstar entered the TOP 25 of the best employers for talents under the age of 25 in the rating of the STUD-POINT youth career development center.

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    I'll be back: three stories of a successful return to the profession after a long break

    Life is unpredictable and sometimes even the best experts are forced to pause their career. Among common reasons are taking care of a child or another close person, health condition, unsuccessful attempts to migrate or start a professional way in the new sphere, inability to find a job due to age discrimination.

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    We are looking for talents, not just employees!

    "We are looking for talents, not just employees!" — this is the one of the critical direction of the Kyivstar headhunting strategy. Besides, we try to impart our values ​​to the candidates at the selection stage.

    Within the internship program StartYourSelf we::

    • considered 300 applications of candidates
    • conducted 3 competitive stages for applicants
    • organized a new format of the selection for the company called assessment
    • tested future interns on the performance and motivation

    At the last 6-hours step 35 students have been developing the concept of an ideal school that would meet modern market demands, and 15 managers of functions were choosing the best business decision.

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    Kyivstar proudly presents Recruiter Selfie

    All of us like our Selfies, so do recruiters and newly hired colleagues in Kyivstar!!!

    To welcome the candidates and give them an awesome onboarding experience, we have started taking cool selfies of the new hires with the HR-team, recruiter, and, hiring managers. We call it the Recruiter Selfie.

    Look at the results below… More to come.

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    Learning with Gamification: The Future of Unia: Management 3.0 at Kyivstar

    The Future of Unia is a two-month business game whose goal is to develop team management skills based on the concept of Management 3.0. The project starts and ends with face-to-face events, and between them - 6 weeks of playing online. This is an innovative format of education, because there are no analogues of the project not only in Ukraine, but also in other countries.

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    Kyivstar Digithon 2018

    A few weeks ago, Kyivstar selected their Digithon winning teams. The winning team "Mama Ama Digital" pitched an innovative concept of changing a bot narrative and tone of chat based on customer segmentation and profiling.
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    DigiKids: Bring your kids to work day at Kyivstar

    Kids of our employees came to visit our offices and learned a lot of new. It was FUN!

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