The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and Kyivstar solemnly signed the signed Collaboration Memorandumas a part of the Kyivstar Mobile Culture social program.

How often are you distracted by mobile calls in the cinema hall watching an interesting movie? Or how often do you hear a loud conversation over the mobile phone in public transport? Development of mobile communication in our country and in the entire world goes rapidly and many people do not already imagine their life without the mobile phone. Although is the level of mobile communication culture developement among the customers?

Mobile communication culture does not appear by itself; it should be cultivated and promoted today so it would be able to became a norm tomorrow. We hope that our efforts are one more step towards the civilized communication and ethical use of the mobile communication considering the interests of other people.

The Kyivstar Company recommends following the main rules of the mobile communication etiquette:

  • When you receive a call being in a public place if possible, please, go outside or to another room not to disturb others with your talk.
  • If you are expecting an important call and cannot turn off your phone, switch on the silent alert or use the voicemail service.
  • There is a list of places, where it’s necessary to limit your mobile communication (see Rules of mobile communication usage).
  • Remember about the people who surround you, since your phone talk is private and strictly personal.
  • Talks in a low voice, the mobile phones are equipped with sensitive microphones. If you do not hear well, check the incoming call sound of your phone.
  • Being among other people reduce the volume of your mobile phone. High volume can negatively impact other people.
  • It is not always necessary to answer incoming calls — in many situations it is better to use voicemail.
  • It is not polite to interrupt a personal conversation because of a phone call.
  • Do not send inappropriate messages by SMS (spam, obscene words, menaces etc).
  • When using a mobile phone camera, respect private life of other people. Before taking photos of somebody ask their permission.
  • In public places one should switch the phone to a silent mode before entering a room.
  • The majority of modern phones can identify a telephone number of incoming call. If your call was unanswered, there is no need to call this person over and over again. Just wait, when your interlocutor calls you back.
  • It is not polite to call somebody concerning job matters before or after workdays, or during holidays/weekends. Also it is better to make personal calls from 9 a.m. till 10 p.m. In case of necessity to break this rule you should apologize for disturbing and ask, if your interlocutor can speak now. Talk with him to the point.
  • Respect other people privacy — don’t read sms-messages and browse calls in somebody’s mobile phone without permit.

Let’s make a step to the civilized communication!