Mobile telephone communication today is one of the most successfully and dynamically developing fields of radio communication. More and more people use mobile phones as a regular and essential means of communication. It’s only natural, that, consequently, operators increase the number of base stations to improve communication quality and provide services to the constantly growing number of customers, as well as to cover new territories.

Yet most of the customers are not familiar with the principles of radio communication functioning, i.e. GSM technologies. This fact arouses concern about possible negative influence of high-frequency radio signals that are transmitted between mobile phone and base stations. Many articles are appeared which openly profiteer in people’s concerns. Together with the lack of reliable information, it causes corresponding questions from the public. The main mobile communication operators of Ukraine have agreed their general position of the telecommunications field, the content of which is given below.

Official Position of Telecommunications Field

More than 51 millions of customers of different mobile operators are present in Ukraine today. The mobile penetration level totals around 108%. For 10 years of mobile communication usage the number of customers increased 1000 times in comparison with 1997. Mobile phones have become a prime means of communications and an integral part of our lives.

Mobile communication is provided by extensive base stations (fixed antennas) network that transmit information to the switching center via radio-frequency signals (RF-signals) . Around 1.4 millions base stations are operated in the world today, more that 20 000 of them are located in Ukraine. In order to improve communication quality, operators increase the number of base stations and constantly re-equipthem in accordance with the newest technological developments in the field. The fact of considerable amount of radio-technical objects present sometimes arouses concern about the possible influence of radio-signals on the customers’ health.

In the result of the conducted researches, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially recognized: “None of the recently carried out examinations confirmed that RF-fields created by mobile phones or base stations have negative effect on human health.” (Electromagnetic fields and public health: mobile phones).

It is also important to know that one of the strictest safety norms regarding the level of the electro-magnetic emissions for mobile network elements in the world are functioning in Ukraine. The maximum permissible emissions level fixed in Ukraine is significantly lower than the permissible level of influence for radio and TV transmitters RF-signals, some other household appliances (e.g., microwave ovens).

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