The second stage of the Mobile Culture social project is the Driving: Mobile Safety is on!program.

Availability of a mobile phone in a car gives a lot of advantages, one of which, undoubtedly, is the possibility to contact emergency services in case of a traffic accident. At the same time it is not safe to use the mobile phone without hands-free device when driving the car. Even if you are an attentive and careful driver mobile phone talk can distract your attention from the situation on the road and result in an accident. It is strongly prohibited to talk over the mobile phone when your hands are busy and a situation requires focusing among the car noise and road fuss.

Following the basic safety rulesof mobile phone usage when driving the car you do not only protect yourself and other people, but will also will be able to prevent a tragedy:

  1. If possible, do not talk over the mobile phone when driving.
  2. Before starting the engine we recommend you to switch the phone to a silent mode or use the voicemail.
  3. If you need to answer a call or call someone back when driving a vehicle:
    • use hands-free device;
    • try to reduce you talk to minimum and tell your recipient that you are driving a car and have to finish the call as soon as possible;
    • immediately stop the call if the conversation is distractive, emotional or unpleasant for you.
  4. Never send SMS and do not review the mobile content when driving.
  5. Do not write down the messages and do not look at the numbers of the incoming calls.
  6. Use the phone to call to emergency phone numbers.
  7. Use the phone to help others in the emergency situations.

Dear drivers! Please, remember in order to completely protect yourself and other people from any negative consequences when you receive a call or need to make a call you have to stop your vehicle, park, make a call and after that continue driving.

Why do not park a car and talk by the mobile phone as much as you want instead of spending your energy and focusing simultaneously on driving and talking?


New Traffic Rules of Ukraine (of 01.01.2002, paragraph 2.9 д) prohibit drivers when driving a car to use communication devices holding them in hand (excluding drivers of emergency vehicles performing an urgent job task).

The current legislation of Ukraine does not prohibit using special car sets allowing conversation over the mobile phone being free-handed. At the same time the experts warn that talks by the mobile phone, even if you do not keep it in hand, increase the probability of a traffic accident four times.

You can find the detailed information on this issue here: