Mobile Fraud Prevention

Kyivstar services are so popular that sometimes lawbreakers try to get them free of charge at other customers’ cost. Kyivstar does its best to protect its customers from unfair mobile services users, so it actively counteracts mobile fraud.

In order to prevent cyber fraud, Kyivstar supports the project of the National Bank of Ukraine #ShahrayGoodbye. This is the information anti-fraud campaign of the NBU, which aims to improve the financial literacy of Ukrainians, including the knowledge of security rules for using payment cards and systems, and mobile accounts. Follow the link to learn more about internet financial fraud

We strongly recommend our customers to be very careful when they receive some suspicious offers and, upon necessity, to check all the information by calling 0 800 300 466 (Calls are free from all phones within Ukraine).

All the information about the company’s special offers you can find on our website.

Mobile Fraud Types

Please find below the information about the most popular types of mobile fraud not to take the bait of mobile swindlers.

  • Winning at a non-existent event

    A customer receives a short message as if from the provider’s number informing the customer that they have won a valuable prize and should transfer a small amount of money to a specific number or call the number to get the prize.

    Our recommendation: do not hurry to transfer the money or send any personal data to the third persons! If you have received such a message or a call informing about your victory, please, check the reliability of the information. Call 0 800 300 466 to the provider’s Service Desk and specify all the details.

    Please pay attention to the fact that any Kyivstar advertising event always covers a large territory and corresponds to the corporate standards. Therefore, be very careful if a private person or a doubtful advertisement asks you to do something with your mobile phone, especially if you are asked to do something with the costs on your mobile account balance.

    Kyivstar is a big company, so all our actions are honest, transparent and large-scale.

  • “Simple” passwords usage

    Password is a secret word or sequence of symbols verifying the person or their authorities. The evil-doers who get your password receive all the user’s rights.

    How do they do it?

    • Direct enumeration. They enumerate possible admissive symbols in the password. For example, such passwords as “qwerty” or “12345” are very easy to guess being the first buttons at your key-board.
    • Dictionary search. In this method, they suppose that the password includes existing words from a dictionary or their combination with possible symbols added or changed. For example, the following passwords: “password”, “default”, “guest”, “ivan1234”, “p@ssw0rd”, double words “stopstop”, “passpass”.
    • Social engineering method. In this method, they assume that the user has used their data for the password, such as his name, surname, birth date, etc. For example, “ivpetrov123”, “1/1/1970”, phone number, personal ID code, city.

    Despite all the importance of creating a rather complicated password, about 40% of internet users create passwords which can be automatically guessed.

    Our recommendations:

    • The password shall not be very short as it will be easy to guess. In general, the password should include not less than 8 symbols.
    • The password should not include only figures.
    • The password should not be a word which one can find in a dictionary or a combination of such words.
    • The password shall not include the common available information about the user.
    • It would be good if the password would include letters (various capitalization), figures and special symbols (#, $,*, etc.)
    • Do not use the same password for more than one account.
    • Do not give your login and password to the third persons.
    • Use antivirus programs.
    • Change your accounts passwords regularly.
  • SMS messages delivery to Kyivstar customers

    More and more often, we deal with mass messages delivery to the customers. Such SMS messages can mislead customers and provoke them to install harmful software for mobile phones, which causes connection with short numbers as well as illegal transfer of costs from the customers’ accounts.

    We recommend: do not hurry to follow the link. First of all, contact the provider to check the services provided by short numbers (at the website or calling to 0 800 300 466). Kyivstar will check the information provided and take necessary measures. The content-provider responsible for the delivery of the illegal messages will be punished.

  • SIM card theft

    Your mobile phone with a SIM card has been stolen (or you have lost your phone with the SIM card). The evil-doers, using your SIM card, can make calls, use bank services or redirect calls to the expensive international numbers. As a result, you will have a huge negative balance, especially if you have lost your phone abroad.

    We recommend: as soon as you have found that you’d lost your phone, please call 0 800 300 466 and block your SIM card.

  • Mobile viruses

    The customer receives the message from their friend (or any other person). The message may be the following: „Hi, how are you? ХХХ program does not work at my PC. Please download it and check what the matter is”. If you are very curious and follow the link, you run the risk to catch a virus for your telephone or smartphone. It may have various consequences: starting from the antivirus program damage and sending spam on your behalf and ending with getting the access to your confidential information by the evil-doers, a considerable increase of traffic usage and change for the worse of the Internet access, as well as a possible increase of service fees.

    We recommend: be careful when you download not verified or doubtful applications or if you follow the link to unknown viruses. You should not open and launch files of the unknown origin. Check the information following the recommendations and advice of the users on the internet or visit the company’s official website. Close the applications, programs and internet browser correctly and do not follow the doubtful links.

    Be careful and check the correct spelling of links not to go to the websites created by the evil-doers the spelling of which slightly differentiates from the well-known resources. If the downloaded application offers you participation in the event, sale, questionnaire and you should send an SMS message or provide other information (PIN code, password, top-up code) we would advise you to visit the company’s official website.

  • Money demand

    According to the fraud scheme the evil-doers call to the customer’s relatives (most often at night) and tell them that their close person is in trouble and needs lots of money. The money should be transferred to the number or delivered by hand as soon as possible. The gullible people, for example, the “victim’s” parents under the influence of emotions transfer the money to the swindlers’ account or deliver the sizable amount by hand and even do not try to check the validity of the information.

    Our recommendations: always try to keep calm. First of all, call your friend/relative and ask if they really are in trouble and need your help. Keep your eyes open when you receive such messages.

  • Top-up cards fraud

    Kyivstar does its best to protect its customers from unfair mobile services users, so it actively counteracts mobile fraud.

    Dear customers, please be attentive when your buy Kyivstar account top-up cards. Kyivstar recommends following some simple rules to protect you from possible illegal actions:

    1. Buy the card at specialized sales points distributing Kyivstar and other providers’ cards;
    2. If you buy the card at any other places try to top up your account and check its balance in the seller’s presence immediately upon the purchase;
    3. Upon the card purchase receive a cashier’s receipt verifying the fact of the purchase at this sales point. Keep the receipt till you get the provider’s confirmation of your account top-up;
    4. If you have any technical problems while topping up your account by the purchased card (erased top up code figures by accident, mechanic damage of the card, etc.), please, call the number 0 800 300 466 of your provider and get the information how you can renovate the top-up code;
    5. If you have any other problems while topping up the account by the purchased card (the card has been used before, it is a fake card), please contact immediately the sales point where you have bought this card. If you have similar problems you can complain to the customers’ rights protection committee and law enforcement authorities directly;
    6. We advise you to read carefully the account top-up rules written at the back of each c. Please remember that the top-up code on the card is considered to be confidential information and shall not be given to any third person, even if the party states it declares on behalf of Kyivstar.

    Let us remind you that Kyivstar has never conducted and will never conduct any events according to the rules of which you should give a code or transfer the money to the provider or any other third person.

    Please remember that only your responsible attitude towards your account top-up may become reliable protection of your mobile phone from evil-doers.

Taking into account that according to article 69, 70 of the Legislation of Ukraine “About telecommunications”, the number recourse is given to the provider with the purpose of secondary distribution, that is providing the numbers to customers, the customer has the right to use a telephone number only with the purpose of receiving telecommunications services. The customer is not allowed to sell, forward or in any other way expropriate on the commercial basis their telephone number.

Any telephone numbers distribution without the appropriate permissive documents violates the Legislation of Ukraine, specifically the following laws: “About telecommunications” and “The rules of telecommunications services provision and obtainment” that are approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine #295 dated as of 11.04.2012 about usage of SIM cards as a part of end user telecommunications equipment, on a commercial basis. Such actions of the telecommunications services users may be considered as the ones performed without appropriate permissions/licenses and causes considerable material damage to the telecommunications provider.

The main rules to avoid swallowing the bait of mobile swindlers:

  1. Do not rely on the information you receive from strangers via your mobile phone; always check it.
  2. Do not give your top-up codes to strangers.
  3. Do not give your login and password for My Kyivstar system to the third parties.
  4. Check the services provided by short numbers at the provider’s website or by calling to 0 800 300 466.
  5. For your safety and protection of your data from the swindlers, set up a PIN code for the SIM card and a password to block your phone.
  6. To protect yourself from fraud, activate postpaid or become a personified customer.

Keep your eyes open and do not hesitate to contact us to get a recommendation or a piece of advice.

What should you do if you have swallowed the bait of mobile swindlers?

Inform the law enforcement authorities about the incident by calling 102 and Kyivstar by calling to 0 800 300 466 as soon as possible.

If you submit the application to the company and provide all the necessary documents in due time and your costs are found on their account, the swindler’s account will be blocked and the money returned to the owner. If there are no costs on the account, you shall provide the court decision to receive them back.