Kyivstar is a telecommunication leader that provides high-speed mobile and home Internet services. One of its corporate social responsibility priorities is to create a safe online environment for children.

On Safer Internet Day celebrated on February 11, 2020, Kyivstar together with the Ministry of Digital Transformation and the Office of the Presidential Commissioner for Children's Rights announced the launch of a joint social and educational portal #stop_sexтинг and an information campaign #не_ведись.

The portal provides recommendations for children who have experienced threats on the Internet and their parents. Also, children and teenagers can contact the chatbot and get instructions on what to do and where to go if they are blackmailed on the Internet and forced to provide sexually explicit materials. The site also contains methodological materials for teachers to conduct lessons on safe Internet surfing for 5th- and 6th-grade students.

Anyone can also join the project as a volunteer and get a specialized training. Then they are fit to conduct lessons on safe Internet browsing at their children's schools. More detailed information on the portal

Moreover, Kyivstar is already working on developing technological solutions to make the Internet safer for children. In particular, all Kyivstar subscribers have access to the parental control application – Star Guard Family, which allows blocking sites and apps with unacceptable content. Also, the Star Guard Family allows restricting the use of smartphones and applications, such as during school hours. It helps to check the child's location and report his/her arrival home or to school. The app helps to restrict access to the network by age, monitors the phone's battery level and has other useful features to protect the child online.