Customers’ trust is the core value of the Kyivstar Company. The company provides customers with high quality telecommunication services in strict compliance with all state technical standards. Kyivstar maintains a constant dialogue with the society, provides consumers with full and accurate information about products and services of the company, promotes their correct and proper use aimed at improving people’s lives.

Kyivstar is constantly improving its services and quality of service and implementing safety programs for customers security, mobile and Internet culture development, including:

Children Safety in the Internet

Social program of protecting children from negative content, mistakes and violence while using the Internet is aimed to explain to the parents and teachers possible risks for children and stimulate them to start teaching the children how to use the Internet correctly and safely.

Mobile Culture

Social program named “Mobile Culture”is aimed at the development and dissemination of etiquette when using mobile communications in public places — inform users of telecommunications services on the existing norms of communication mobile phone outside the home.

Kyivstar takes responsible solutions, by abandoning placement and sale of “adult” content and gambling, working with Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine on combating the spread of illegal content online, mobile fraud, and develops special social services.