Kyivstar decisions regarding limiting the access for under-age users to the illegal and “adult” content:

  • voluntary renunciation of placing and selling “adult” content at company’s wap- and web-resources (erotic, gambling, alcohol and tobacco advertisement; total market volume of this content in the world totals 30%);
  • renunciation of carrying out gambling projects — SMS-quizzes (operator’s revenue from one such project figures up to several millions dollars);
  • collaboration with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine regarding online illegal content interdiction. For this purpose a special procedure for detecting and eliminating pornography from the Internet was worked out and implemented.
  • implementation of special contractual requirements for the realization of “adult” content by Company’s partners — content-providers.
  • Kyivstar has signed a

    "Memorandum on cooperation in the implementation of the Code for the Protection of Cruelty to Children on the Internet and online resources"(PDF, 251 KB)

    .By signing this Memorandum the company confirms its readiness to work towards protecting children from information that could harm their moral health, and sometimes is life-threatening.

The company is consistently taking a number of measures to prevent mobile fraud and inform the public about all aspects of mobile communication in the framework of the program named “Mobile Communication and Human Health.”