Kyivstar has taken an active position in the fight against the consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak since it started in March 2020. Kyivstar provided assistance to the public in the amount of about 80 million hryvnias, of which 30 million is a direct donation.

Together with Tvoya Opora Charitable Foundation, in 2020 Kyivstar purchased 10 Savina 300 Select artificial lung ventilators with consumables, 20 Vista 120 patient monitors and 6851 reusable protective suits for medical staff and transferred them to the 30 support hospitals. In addition, in February 2021, the company provided another 55 oxygen concentrators to the 12 support hospitals.

In the first months of the coronavirus pandemic in Ukraine, Kyivstar, as a telecom operator, focused on helping the society to adapt to the realities of long-distance communication. The company has given roaming bonuses for those not permitted to come from abroad, provided free consultations from doctors for subscribers of all operators in the Doctor Online application, created opportunities for online learning without traffic charges and developed comprehensive solutions for remote offices. All subscribers could call the Ministry of Health hotline free of charge and, upon request from the Ministry of Health, they received an SMS with instructions on pandemic safety rules.

Moreover, Kyivstar supported medical workers — in March and May 2020, about 70,000 doctors received 150 hryvnias in bonuses for mobile communications, most of doctors receiving them twice. In addition, medical workers were given access to unlimited mobile Internet for the three summer months of 2020.

The company has paid special attention to the health of employees – since March 2020 almost 80% of staff work fully or partially remotely. Those for whom this form of work is impossible are provided with corporate transport and personal protective equipment, and the company's offices have been adapted to safety rules during the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine restrictions. All employees can receive financial assistance in case of the coronavirus disease. In addition, the company has organized almost one and a half thousand PCR tests for employees in a private laboratory since the beginning of the pandemic.