Kyivstar is a nonindustial business, yet, as one of the big and progressive companies, it cannnot maintain aloofness from the present time threat: climate change and global warming issues. Kyivstar embodies its environmental responsibility through environment-friendly products and services, as well as proper technical solutions and environmental events.

The Company increases energy efficiency in the network equipment, reduces CO2 emissions and reduces consumption of natural resources. Kyivstar volunteers take actions in 20 cities in Ukraine annually — they clean up green zones, plant trees and floral arrangements along with customers and townspeople.

In 2010 Kyivstar headed the ranking of mobile operators — regarding the customer’s perception of their environmental image. The data were published by the IRS Group Research Agency that questioned 1000 repondents as part of “ECOomnibus” projects. According to customers, Kyivstar is the most environmentally responsible company at the telecom market of Ukraine.