Electronic Bills

Kyivstar offered its contract customers to refuse from paper bills and introduced special conditions for receiving monthly electronic bills via the My Kyivstar system.

Every year Kyivstar spends 72 tons of paper for providing services to the customers. This equals at least 3 500 trees. To save 1 tree, 110 customers should refuse from receiving printed invoices via mail for a year. The Company calculates the number of the trees saved by the customers. For each saved tree Kyivstar plants another one somewhere in Ukraine.

Electronic Faxes

The Fax to E-mail service allows contract clients to receive faxes to their electronic addresses for free. The faxes are sent to the additional mobile number for faxes and are automatically redirected to the specified e-mail. Electronic faxes are a great alternative to the traditional ones, which require using extra paper and other related materials.

Electronic Bonuses

Kyivstar Company introduced bonuses for electronic top-up by payment cards.