Kyivstar applies energy-saving technologies in various stages of business to improve its energy efficiency. This includes power supply of the network, construction and maintenance of buildings, IT, transport, etc. Since 2000, the Kyivstar network has operated “green” base stations which help to reduce power consumption. Kyivstar continues to modernize the network and, confirms its quality by introducing recent solutions. Nowadays the Kyivstar network is rated as one of the most progressive in Europe.

The Company started the Green Office program in 2009, by adopting the Regulation on environmental protection. It is one of the main corporate documents that regulate Company’s activities concerning ecological issues. In accordance with the Regulation, Kyivstar has the Environmental management system implemented, that meets the requirements of the International Standard ISO 14001.

The Company adheres to the Green Office principles in all its branches — electronic document flow, popularization of economic resource consumption. Company offices are equipped with hard- and software for video conferences. This helps to reduce the amount of business trips and replace them with video-communication between colleagues from different branches.

The internal informational Green Office campaign is directed to making ecology an important part of life of each Kyivstar employee, and not only inside the office. Communicational program constantly reminds the employees to make sure to switch off all the electric appliances and computers at the end of the day and to use paper with care, withholding from unnecessary document printing. The results of the research on Company’s intrinsic value showed that 96% of Kyivstar workers think that they act with care about the environment.