The Best Employer

Our team of 4,000 professionals works to ensure that about 26 million mobile subscribers and more than a million Home Internet users have daily access to Kyivstar services.

We value our employees, offering them the opportunity to self-fulfill in their profession by implementing interesting projects and continuously learning. We also care for the health, safety and emotional balance of our team.

Work During Quarantine

After the quarantine announcement, more than 70% of our employees have been working remotely.

The company has switched to a hybrid format of work on a permanent basis, which includes 4 options: work in the office, fully remote work, partially remote work, and field work at the company’s facilities.

We have equipped the offices in accordance with safe distance standards for workplaces and recreation areas. Our employees working in the office are provided with personal protective means.

Special emphasis is placed on the emotional support of the staff. At the beginning of the quarantine, our entire team learned to live and work in the new reality. Now we have a specific program to support the psycho-emotional balance of our workers. The program has been developed and implemented on the basis of team surveys, taking into account global best practices.

Remuneration for Work

Kyivstar hires the best professionals for its team, providing competitive and fair remuneration for their work.

We have a system of additional incentives and social guarantees, including health insurance and insurance against Covid-19 programs, with both allowing staff members to insure their family members; targeted monetary assistance; partial compensation for meals; discount mobile communication rates for staff members' relatives, etc.

Caring for the Health and Emotional Balance of Staff

We implement programs for the general protection of employees' health.

Currently, the emphasis is on the protection and prevention of Covid-19. For this purpose:

  • We purchased 15 oxygen concentrators to provide them to employees or their families in case of Covid-19 disease, if necessary
  • We provide free testing of staff members for Covid-19 in case of a contact with an employee who has Covid-19
  • We have organized vaccinations for employees and their families.
  • We have insured our employees and arranged the opportunity to insure their relatives against Covid-19 under special conditions, etc.


We are implementing the Krutosophy Program, which covers various areas, including:

  • Physical health and a safe environment
  • Psycho-emotional health
  • Balance between personal life and work
  • Family, leisure and hobbies
  • Social relations and welfare
  • Financial awareness


Corporate training

The development philosophy of Kyivstar is based on the idea of a continuously learning company. We have a system of continuous professional development, employees' motivation, and our team's involvement in the management of innovation and workflows.

Employees can study remotely using the online learning platform Crossknowledge, with access to various educational resources such as Coursera, LABA, and Alpina Digital. We are proud of our Learning Up program, where our own experts share their knowledge with colleagues.


There are two internship programs at Kyivstar: STARt Yourself and Returnship.

STARt Yourself is a unique opportunity for third-year+ students to move from theoretical to practical knowledge, getting a career start in a large multinational company. We provide flexible schedules, training, job placement, and a salary to our interns.

We are proud to be included in the “TOP 25 Employers Who are Open to Talent Under 25 Years of Age” ranking.

Returnship is not just a program for interns aged 35+, but a project aimed to change the face of the Ukrainian labor market. We demonstrate from our own experience that a person's professionalism does not depend on the age.

Returnship is a project for professionals who had to pause their careers but now are ready to get new working experience or even change their work area. Kyivstar gives them practical skills and an opportunity to start over, helping them regain faith in themselves. During the internship period, participants work full-time, being officially hired and receiving a salary.

Training and Sharing Experience

Kyivstar implements its educational programs and supports interesting educational initiatives for Ukrainians. Our training is aimed at a wide audience. We both teach the basics of computer literacy and train experts in the field of big data.

Since 2017, Kyivstar has been supporting GoCamp, the largest educational volunteer program in Eastern Europe. During the summer, Kyivstar hosts an interactive training course named Entrepreneurship & Innovation development, where employees become mentors for teams working on real-world projects.

Also, in 2020, Kyivstar employees joined a project of the Mentoring Association for Children and Youth, giving a series of career guidance lectures for disadvantaged teenagers.

In 2021, the “Back on Track” training workshop was launched, an offshoot of the Returnship program that offers courses for returning to the profession. We explain how to create a resume and pass an interview successfully, we talk about the traditional and innovative tools of an office employee, and so on. Moreover, we pay great attention to the subjects of self-esteem and self-confidence of our trainees.

Kyivstar experts share their practical knowledge with university students, giving lectures at the invitation of universities, participating in job fairs and professional competitions.

Together with the National Bank of Ukraine, in order to counteract cyber fraud, we have implemented #StopFraud, , an online payment security program. Kyivstar also interacts with the EMA Association in order to inform and train Internet users in cyber hygiene.

Corporate Volunteering

Corporate volunteering has existed in the company for 15 years now. During this time, employees became participants in dozens of initiatives. They include “The Good Deeds Marathon”, which takes place in the company on the eve of the New Year holidays; “Donation Month”, during which employees can donate blood at the company's office or take a corporate taxi to the nearest blood donation center; the charitable "Run Under Chestnuts"; fundraising for the “Children's Hope” charity project, and much more.