Share with charitable acts!

Sharity unites two notions: «share» and «charity».

Sharity is a social platform. Its purpose is to unite projects promoted by the company in one place in order those who want to join charity initiatives of Kyivstar could do this without any difficulties.

We believe that only together, doing small good deeds, we are able to transform ourselves and surrounding world for the better. In order to join good deeds, it is sufficient to spread important information, actively extend useful initiatives, share with own warmth, time, skills or support monetarily those who are in real need.

First project at Sharity platform is a «Touch a heart», common with Your Support PF (parental foundation). The project mission is to help children with critical congenital defects of the heart.

Another project is a help to oncology children together with «Tabletochki» PF. The company has allocated 1 mln. hrn. to «Tabletochki» PF, and in such a way joined purchase of immunochemical analyzer for West-Ukraine specialized child medical center in the city of L’viv.

The third project is the Children's Hope initiative, which Kyivstar is launching with the International Charitable Foundation Ukrainian Charity Exchange (ICF UBB). Now customers of the largest Ukrainian mobile operator can transfer funds to charitable affairs via SMS-messages.

It is easy and simple to help children who need special attention - every Ukrainian can do this by sending a charity SMS. Children with heart defects or oncological diseases that are being treated in Ukrainian medical institutions need help.

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All organizations and projects represented at Sharity platform undergo expert checkout of documents and books.

Kyivstar collaborates only with verified foundations that have a sterling reputation. Therefore, users donating to projects/foundations through Sharity can be sure that their money will reach those who need help.