Kyivstar, as a socially responsible company, strives to provide the public with not only access to technologies but also the necessary digital skills to use them. That is why in September 2019, we launched the first online school for mobile literacy. It aims to help the elderly learn how to use modern phones and take full advantage of them.

The Smartphone for Parents course consists of ten interactive video tutorials. They provide step-by-step instructions on how to turn on your smartphone and configure it to use messengers and various apps. The course also features a separate video dedicated to security on smartphones and the Internet. Video lessons are uploaded on the website Also from February 2020, the course is available on Diia national online platform for digital education (

The online school is available to all subscribers, regardless of their mobile operator. Access to video lessons is free and does not require registration, but visiting the portal and watching videos are charged according to the terms of your subscription plan. To take the course, users need any device – a PC, tablet or smartphone – that uses mobile data or has a Wi-Fi connection.