Kyivstar creates better living conditions and leisure activities for veterans and the elderly people, providing financial aid to relevant specialized centers.

SupportingingGeriatric Homes

Kyivstar takes care of 3500 thousand lonely elderly people. The support program has been launched in 2005 and is aimed at eliminating the issue of alienation of lonely elderly people. Kyivstar supports 11 geriatric homes throughout Ukraine, providing them with necessary supplies such as wheelchairs and special fitness equipment, TV-sets, refrigerators, furniture, repairing facilities, etc. Kyivstar Volunteers regularly visit geriatric homes, organize concerts favored by the elderly mentees as well as help them in every-day life.

Remaining involved in community life is highly important for the elderly people. For this purpose, in addition to direct material aid, Kyivstar provided the senior centers with subscriptions to newspapers and magazines. Now the lonely life of people living there became more interesting and full of emotions.

Call to Battlefield Friend Project

On the Victory Day Kyivstar volunteers commemorate heroes and war veterans in all regions of Ukraine. They prepare festive concerts; act out self-prepared performances and sing war songs. In the framework of a nationwide charity project named The Call to a Battlefield Friend, volunteers give veterans from all regions of Ukraine an opportunity of free phone calls to friends and relatives in Ukraine and neighboring countries — Russia and Belarus.

In 2011, Kyivstar celebrated the Victory Day with veterans and war witnesses. The company organized festive concerts in 18 cities of Ukraine. Around 2000 phone calls were made due to the project The Call to a Battlefield Friend.