A Kyivstar nationwide program of cooperation with zoos and dolphinariums of Ukraine was launched in 2004.

The program’s objective: development of the family communication traditions in the Ukrainian society.

The program covers zoos in Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkiv, Mykolayiv, Miny, and the CIS largest Odessa dolphinarium as well as Askania Nova biosphere reserve.

Kyivstar provided these institutions with direct financial aid, so that new enclosures and animals appeared in the zoos from year to year and animal care, as well as leisure conditions for the visitors saw consistent improvement.

A series of events named the Family Weekend was arranged within the program in the zoos throughout Ukraine. The capital city zoo held a traditional celebration of giraffes’ birthday. The mentees of Kyivstar sponsored orphanages were present at the celebration as special guests. Zoo visitors could also listen to an interesting educational tour named “Family Traditions with Kyivstar” taking a ride on the “Family Traditions of the Wildlife” express train.

Program results:

  • Ukrainian zoos and dolphinariums improved the conditions of animal care, equipped their territories and introduced new animals to the visitors, the animals which appeared in zoos owing to Kyivstar.
  • Over 8.5 thousand people became passengers of the “Family Traditions of the Wildlife” express train, Ukrainian families obtained an opportunity to spend their leisure time with nature and family, as well as strengthen family ties and learn more about the unique family traditions in the wildlife.