Kyivstar has been consistently supporting orphans from 25 Kyivstar-sponsored children’s homes and orphanages throughout Ukraine since 2004.

Kyivstar provides financial aid to its mentees: the Company opens computer labs, equips them with furniture and necessary appliances, organizes computer classes for the children, invites university teachers to give lectures for future applicants, holds developing activities for children and various holidays, expands their ability to explore the world around them and be productive members of the society.

A special feature of Kyivstar care is the active participation of volunteers in social projects of the company. Each year more than 400 employees willingly take part in the events held by the company. Kyivstar volunteers together with professional directors prepare and participate in the festive New Year’s performances. During such celebrations the children not only get vivid emotions, but also they receive nice gifts such as educational games and creative kits for educational leisure and personal development, lovingly collected for them by the Kyivstar team members.