The disability issue is currently topical in Ukraine: as of January 1, 2011 the total number of handicapped people in the country totaled 2.71 million, including over 165 thousand of children.

Since 2004, Kyivstar has been consistently supporting the handicapped children in the framework of the “For the People, for the Country!” charity initiative, giving them new opportunities for social integration, education and development.

For children with cerebral palsy Kyivstar equipped sensory rooms for rehabilitation, so that more than 1,200 children in six specialized centers each year can pass psychophysical correction. More than 13 rehabilitation centers for the handicapped children received special medical equipment. For more than 1,500 children with visual impairments from 8 orphanages Kyivstar equipped computer labs with special software and internet access. For the blind and visually impaired children Kyivstar volunteers recorded seven unique collections of classic masterpieces of the world and national literature not available in audio format before. Although, this is only one part of the assistance provided.

In 2011, Kyivstar together with its social partner, the Institute of Social Policy NGO focused their attention on supporting musculoskeletal patients among children and young people. Kyivstar equipped multimedia rooms in 10 special boarding schools and together with the best specialists created a series of video workshops on occupational guidance for them.

Experts assert that the problem of career orientation in handicapped youth is on the front burner. According to statistics, every 17th Ukrainian has special needs and inevitably faces certain difficulties in choosing profession.

Kyivstar workshops help musculoskeletal patients among children and youth choose a profession in-demand. The workshops were created with psychologists, experts on social rehabilitation and scientists involved. They provided professional advice and answers to topical questions, such as how to start choosing the future profession, what issues need particular attention, where and how to get an education. In addition, senior musculoskeletal patients told the stories of their own achievements. Their examples brightly demonstrate that real success does not depend on physical abilities only, but as well involves self-confidence and a strong desire to clear the hurdles.