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    Mobile and fixed communication solutions.


    Special terms of cooperation for every partner.


    Technical support and business advice.

Choose a cooperation model:

  1. Promotion of Kyivstar services

    We suggest becoming a partner in promoting Kyivstar services to business clients.

  2. Integration

    To integrate the product with Kyivstar telecom services, you need:

    • a ready and tested solution;
    • a business plan for the product launch.

How to become a partner?

  1. Prepare

    Look through the requirements for business partners.

  2. Send a commercial offer

    Describe the essence of your proposal, indicate the possible schemes of interaction with Kyivstar, and submit your application.

  3. Have a meeting

    After analyzing the information, Kyivstar business experts will set up a meeting with you.

  4. Sign a contract

    Agree on the final terms of cooperation and conclude a partnership contract.

According to the mobile operators' reports for the 2nd quarter of 2019, Kyivstar holds the 1st place in the mobile market, serving 49.7% of subscribers.

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What our partners say

Our partners trust us! You can also trust your business with a reliable partner.

  • Dmitry Suslov

    Director of

    To integrate telephony with Bitrix24, we needed a reliable company that valued partnership, was able to find flexible solutions, and see prospects in joint ventures. The beginning of cooperation with Kyivstar was a challenge for us: working in the conditions of technological uncertainty, several parties involved, the first experience of implementing such a project in Ukraine. I think that openness and involvement of Kyivstar employees play a crucial role in building relationships between our companies. They can find common ground with partners and interesting technological solutions in the most challenging situations.

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  • Vadim Kochevyh

    CEO of

    During the development of the I-SEE system, which immediately informs the owner of car theft, it was essential to minimize false alerts when the connection was lost. The stability of the communication multiplied by the friendliness of Kyivstar managers has led to project success. Not only does Kyivstar deliver excellent communication service, but as a reliable partner also helps us make I-SEE more successful.

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  • Maksym Miroshnychenko

    We have been working with Kyivstar for 8 months now, integrating IP telephony and our OneBox product. During this time, CRM OneBox has done a tremendous amount of work as a partner, has tightly integrated with Kyivstar products, and is now preparing a new joint project that will help to achieve new business metrics and broad audience involvement. The partnership with Kyivstar creates a unique experience for both the users of our infrastructure and us.

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  • Oleksandr Makarivsky

    СЕО of

    Throughout our activity, we have always recommended Kyivstar as a reliable telecom partner to our clients. This issue became more relevant as the customer base expanded, so finally, productive communication resulted in the signing of a partnership agreement. Now we offer our customers a different level of service, starting with assistance in buying numbers and finishing with personal project cases and price offers.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the requirements to become a business partner of Kyivstar?

We are looking for partners that comply with our business model and can increase both our competitiveness and our revenue. We value such qualities:

- Orientation towards the needs of business clients.
Joint business solutions should satisfy current needs, identify hidden ones, and create new needs of our business clients, with a scaling possibility to the whole territory of Ukraine.

- Competitiveness of the proposed business solution.
A partnership proposal should include comparative analysis with competitors to ensure a high level of competitiveness.

- High potential according to the income level.
We will look into your sales of existing business telecommunication services.

- Companies with well-developed infrastructure.
The basis for project implementation is the calculation of the financial effect, the number of sales according to the revenue, and the number of activated services.

Terms and conditions of PrJSC Kyivstar trademark usage

All terms and conditions are available here.