Benefits for business clients

  • Full set of mobile and fixed connection services
  • Increasing of your income with smart services
  • Best experienced experts in industry solutions
  • Special solutions for unusual business tasks
  • Dedicated team for each customer
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Industry solutions for your business

  • Retail

    Ensure all communication outlets allow you to increase:

    operational efficiency;

    quality of service and satisfaction of your customers

  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

    Ensuring communication within all divisions of your company allows you:

    assuring business processes continuity and increasing operating performance;

    maintaining high level of customer service and increasing satisfaction of your customers.

  • Agribusiness

    Building a single telecommunication infrastructure on the basis of Kyivstar Business solutions allows:

    ensuring business continuity in all regional business units;

    increasing speed and efficiency of managerial decisions at the local levels.

  • Financial Sector

    Kyivstar Business telecom solutions allow you:

    operating efficiency improving;

    service quality and your customers’ satisfaction level increasing.

  • Logistics

    Tracking vehicles in real time allows:

    improving fuel consumption efficiency;

    reducing maintenance costs;

    improving delivery efficiency..

European Business Association
& Kyivstar Favourite Plan

All advantages of Kyivstar communication: comfortable tariffs, profitable offers for using super-fast 4G, affordable calls in roaming and abroad.

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