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Financial Sector

Kyivstar Business telecom solutions allow you:

  • operating efficiency improving;
  • service quality and your customers’ satisfaction level increasing.
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Fusion of business units into a single information environment and assurance of access to information systems (ERP).

  • Data transfer networks (VPN)

    IP VPN or Layer 2 VPN transmitting channels allow fusing business units into a single enterprise information system within the entire territory of Ukraine.

  • Backup solutions

    Backup of data transfer network deploying landline or mobile technologies. Providing equipment for “hot backup” support.

  • Landline telephony

    Quick connectivity with the help of IP technology. Reduced charges for calls inside a closed corporate group.

Improving the phone support quality of your customers.

Ensuring safe keeping of large data volumes and backup at minimum cost.

  • Data center services and server lease

    Low costs for data storing comparing to arrangement of your own storage. High speed of data access via fiber optical channels. High level of data security. Round-the-clock access of your specialists to the equipment.

Providing personnel with remote access to IT systems (CRM, ERP) via mobile devices (pad, smartphone).

  • 3G Business Internet

    The service is available within the entire territory of Ukraine. Multiple choice of data bundles which fits your consumption pattern.

  • Smartphones and pads

    Supply of any equipment categories provided by leading vendors.

Tracking vehicles and mobile personnel.

  • Navigator

    Location of your company SIM cards on the geographical map. Easy and quick connection. Support of any GSM standard terminals.

  • Objects coordinates

    Determination of your company SIM cards geographic coordinates. GIS- integration with the help of API. Convenient charging model.

Control of fuel consumption efficiency in real-time mode. Integration of mobile data transfer technologies with GPSmodules installed on vehicle.

  • М2М – data exchange between devices

    Support of the following data transmission technologies: GPRS/EDGE, CSD, SMS. Dedicated IP address for connection with the device. Efficient charging in increments of 1 Byte.

Routing and operative planning of vehicle fleet movement.

  • Push-to-Talk

    Easy, quick and convenient way of simultaneous communication with a group of up to 100 colleagues. High quality of voice transmission and confidentiality. Service coverage area – entire territory of Ukraine.