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Tracking vehicles in real time allows:

  • improving fuel consumption efficiency;
  • reducing maintenance costs;
  • improving delivery efficiency.
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Tracking vehicles and mobile personnel.

  • Navigator

    Location of your company SIM cards on the geographical map. Easy and quick connection. Support of any GSM standard terminals.

  • Objects coordinates

    Determination of your company SIM cards geographic coordinates. GIS integration with the help of API. Convenient charging model.

Control of fuel consumption efficiency in real-time mode. Integration of mobile data transmission technologies with GPS modules installed on a vehicle.

  • М2М – data interchange between devices

    Support of the following data transmission technologies: GPRS/EDGE, CSD, SMS. Dedicated IP address for connection with the device. Efficient charging model in increments of 1 Byte.

Routing and operative planning of vehicle fleet movement.

  • Push-to-Talk

    Easy, quick and convenient way of simultaneous communication with a group of up to 100 colleagues. High quality of voice transmission and confidentiality. Service coverage area – entire territory of Ukraine.

Ensure communication with vehicle drivers while they are abroad.

Provide personnel with remote access to IT systems (CRM, ERP) via mobile devices (pad, smartphone).

  • 3G Business Internet

    The service is available within the entire territory of Ukraine. Multiple choice of data traffic bundles which fits your consumption pattern.

  • Smartphones and pads

    Supply of any equipment categories provided by leading vendors.

Improving the service quality of your customers.

  • Commercial contact center

    Wide range of services –Hot Line, Help Service, Telemarketing, Customers Automatic Informing, Televoting. Numbering capacity of 800 and short numbers for mobile networks.

  • SMS-/MMS-sending

    Integration with operating IT systems via API. Message delivery status reports.

Support of information systems (ERP, CRM) with the high level of reliability.

  • Data transmission networks (VPN)

    Broadband data channels of any technology (IP VPN, Layer 2 VPN) within 99.9% of the territory of Ukraine. Well-timed data exchange between the head office and regional branches. Connectivity of broadband data channels anywhere in Ukraine.

  • Data transmission channels backup

    Backup of data transmission network deploying landline or mobile technology. Providing equipment for “hot backup” support.