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Ensure all communication outlets allow you to increase:

  • operational efficiency;
  • quality of service and satisfaction of your customers;
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Providing sales outlets with communication within the shortest time and with proper quality.

  • Data transmission networks (VPN)

    Broadband data channels of any technology (IP VPN, Layer 2 VPN) within 99.9% of the territory of Ukraine. Well-timed data exchange between the head office and regional branches. Connectivity of broadband data channels anywhere in Ukraine.

  • Landline telephone circuits

    Quick connection via VoIP technology by means of any internet connection. Reduced tariffication of calls to mobile numbers inside a closed corporate group.

Improving the service quality of your customers.

  • Commercial contact center

    Wide range of services –Hot Line, Help Service, Telemarketing, Customers Automatic Informing, Televoting. Numbering capacity of 800 and short numbers for mobile networks.

  • SMS-/MMS sending

    Sending operating according to the campaign type, receiver lists, sending date and time. Message delivery status reports.

  • Mobile Virtual PBX

    Dynamically operated IVR, black and white lists for certain subscriber groups, available subscriber search in a group, parallel call to several numbers.

  • Providing Wi-Fi coverage for your sales outlets

    Lease, supply and setting of Wi-Fi access points.

Connection of self-service stalls (vending machines) to the corporate network

Providing safe keeping of large data volumes and backup at minimum cost.

  • Data center services and server lease

    Low costs for data storing comparing to arrangement of your own storage. High speed of data access via fiber optical channels. High level of data security. Round-the-clock access of your specialists to the equipment.

Providing additional control of goods courier delivery to a customer.

  • Navigator

    Location of couriers/forwarders on the geographical map. Easy and quick connection. Support of any GSM standard terminals.