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The Kyivstar Business Commercial Contact Center is a system supporting and processing a great number of telephone calls. It includes:

  • automatic computer-telephone system for receiving and distributing calls;
  • centralized databases for processing calls, collecting and analyzing information and making calls;
  • professional operators for all above to be done clear, qualitatively and promptly.


  • Increases your company’s operating efficiency. The Contact Center makes it possible to deal with a great flow of calls. The personnel workload is decreasing.
  • Improves the service level and promotes the corporate image. No “busy” or “call is impossible”, calls do not “ramble” over the office, and the whole information is qualitative, centralized and full. Any questions and problems are solved quickly, while pleasant communication with professional operators improves the positive image of your company.
  • Cuts costs of arranging your own contact center or reception — you do not need to spend money and time for renting premises, providing telecommunication services, personnel procurement and training, development of scenarios and standards of operator work, etc.
  • Wide range of services — Hot Line, Support Service, Telemarketing, Automated Client Informing, Televoting and many others.
  • Your own independent infrastructure, extensible and adaptable to your needs.
  • Favorable tariffs and convenient service terms and conditions.
  • Comprehensive solutions with integrating services of telephony, Internet and mobile communication.
  • Professional team of managers, IT specialists, operators and experts in personnel training and adaptation.
  • High quality standards of work, and experience in implementation of major projects.

Examples of Use

The service will be good for companies, which have to make a lot of calls. In Ukraine the Contact Center services are most popular with enterprises, which:

  • serve a great deal of clients or conduct numerous trade operations (FMCG companies, trading companies, banks, insurance companies);
  • carry out marketing research, surveys or actions, and need actual and objective information about their clients;
  • wish to organize an effective user support service, and a virtual office to receive and process incoming calls;
  • use telephone communication as a main or additional sales instrument (telemarketing companies, e-shops etc.).

To get more information about Commercial Contact Center, please, call 0800300099, (044) 4590999.

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