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A service is convenient and useful if you need simultaneous communication between participants being in different cities/towns or countries, with using both mobile and fixed lines of communication.


  • Costs reduction for communication.
  • First or single connection is available in 2 hours, while the permanent connection (on a contractual basis) is available on all occasions.
  • Participants do not depend on the office, they need no special equipment or conference hall; up to 50 customers can participate in the conference, while the service is available twenty-four hours a day.
  • High-quality communication lines, access to the conference via the pass word, with possible efficient replacement.

An additional Service of the Contact Center is participants’ invitation to the conference. You submit the list of customers, and our operator calls the participant at a fixed time and invites him to join. As a result, your major partners in Ukraine or abroad are invited in time, and your time and cash expenditures are cut down.

Examples of Use

  • Companies with a multiple office system, including International offices, and a centralized management.
  • Companies requiring prompt discussions and centralized communication with their offices.