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The Voice Menu is automatic mode reporting via the IVR (Interactive Voice Response system) voice menu system. It is most often used together with such services as Hot Line, Support Service, and Virtual Office; it significantly cuts your information provision costs.

The voice menu is ideal for providing any standard information, for example: as to the rules of participation in a competition and addresses of prize collection centers, or personal information from the database, such as about the order status and the date of shipment of items ordered.

Auto-Informer Mode

It is convenient when all your clients have to be informed promptly and without fail about important information (changes in your company’s activities, appearance of new products, status of balance, holiday’s greetings, etc.).


  • Use of automated operator level systems.
  • Any IVR logic.
  • Great loads on IVR system.
  • Handling a large number of contacts for a short time.

Examples of Use

The service is handful for any business with a large number of incoming calls and standard outcoming information for clients and partners: services, service providers, banks, insurance companies, etc.