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Questionnaire Surveys

The service helps you to obtain the information for evaluation of the market situation and marketing activities. It is made by making calls to customers in accordance with the database given by the customer and completion of a preliminary prepared questionnaire.


Support to any voting, query and rating conducted on TV, radio and in other mass media. You can take a nationwide 30-ХХХХХ number or a local one in the cities of Ukraine.

As a result, the customer will get:

  • on-line vote totals;
  • incoming calls statistics;
  • traffic structure and analysis in sections of interest.


  • Questionnaire Surveys are conducted by the specialists with experience in carrying on large-scale campaigns;
  • Processing large volumes of information within the shortest possible time;
  • Usage of the automatic calling system allows 30–50% more information processing without loss of quality and period extension.

Examples of Use:

  • Projects of organizations engaged in marketing and social studies.
  • Projects of rating agencies.
  • Projects of any other companies wishing to conduct their own customers and partners survey, examine the product and market, etc.