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The service is assigned for the people who need to provide their personnel of certain qualification with workplaces connected to the call—distributing system on a permanent or temporary basis.

We Provide:

  • dedicated workplace within the Kyivstar Business Contact Center;
  • the Internet-connected personal computer;
  • connection to the intelligence call-processing system.


  • Access to the up-to-date adjusted equipment;
  • Optimal calls distribution, VIP service, priority and topic calls ranging;
  • Forwarding important calls to the appropriate employees;
  • Audio recording of talks with the clients;

Examples of Use

  • A company establishing its own Contact Center which needs to provide clients with a service as soon as possible but the company is not ready yet.
  • Companies, which temporary need to put their personnel up outside the office.
  • Companies, which need to carry out a promotion action with a short-term employment of the Contact Center advanced facilities.