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This group of services is a basis for telecom-support of modern business processes in large enterprise. It assumes building of the corporate data networks of local, national and International scales with the highest level of reliability and security.

If your company:

— implements complex CRM solutions;

— introduces comprehensive ERP solutions;

— corporate on-line services operate;

— Internal information systems are developed;

— video conferences are held, “Kyivstar Business” data networks ensure their excellent work.


  • Comprehensive approach: “turnkey” corporate networks with a glance of current demands and plans for company development.
  • Flexible possibilities to order individual services parameters: choice of the transmission channel speed from 64 Kbit/sec. to 100 Mbit/sec.
  • Services duration: possibility to quickly activate service due to the temporary solution based on wireless technologies.
  • Meeting the highest requirements to the reliability of corporate network: decision to reserve corporate network both at the level of equipment and at the level of communication channels;
  • Reliability and quality of service: services are provided on the basis of your own national fiber optic network using verified telecom-equipment of the world leaders. “Kyivstar Business” gives special attention to the services quality and services rendering. You can rely on selected support in the 24×365 mode.
  • Experience: we have been working with principal corporate customers for more than 12 years and have implemented hundreds of national and International network projects. A network of any topology and complexity and reliability is within our power (200 networks for the banks etc.).

Examples of use

Any large infrastructure business, which requires complex information and telecom-support with the possibility of further quick modernization.

What do we offer?

  • Services of local (within a city), national and International data transfer via dedicated channels based on transport SDN-network;
  • Services of the virtual private network IP VPN.
  • Services of the virtual private network VPN Layer2.