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The service provides combining two and more distant offices into a single protected fully-connected network for data exchange based on the TCP/IP protocol stack with adhering to the parameters and rules of carrying multifold traffic — classes of service (CoS). The service is based on modern high-speed national IP/MPLS-network.

According to the geography, the service is divided into urban IP VPN, long-distance IP VPN, and International IP VPN.

Equipment installed in the customer’s office or engineering center is connected to the service access port in the Kyivstar engineering centre with using the dedicated guaranteed-throughput line. The CoS based differential service model (DiffServModel) is introduced within the Kyivstar.

To carry the traffic of the customer’s various applications, Kyivstar Business supports three classes of data traffic servicing within a network:

  • standard (STD) — carrying time-delay uncritical data traffic. The traffic is transferred on a «Best Efforts» basis, in case the network resources (e.g., Web resources, e-mail, etc.) are free
  • premium (PRE) - carrying pass-band critical data traffic. The traffic is transferred within the guaranteed pass-band (guaranteed data delivery). For example, transmission of video and multimedia applications, access to distant corporate databases, in the on-line mode, etc.
  • real-time (REA)— carrying time-delay and pass-band critical data traffic. The minimum time delay within the guaranteed pass-band (minimum network time delay and minimum irregularity of network time delay — Jitter) is provided. For example, VoIP voice transmission.


  • Broad coverage of IP/MPLS-network Kyivstar has about 15 000 points of connection that allows you to organize your corporate network point in the most remote places.
  • The Kyivstar IP/MPLS network is based on its own high-speed urban communication channels with using modern equipment.
  • Maintenance of different service levels (CoS) enables integration of carrying voice traffic with data from the customer’s local network, and ensures quality of video transmission within your corporate network.
  • Moderate price of routing equipment required for channel reception, since Ethernet, which is the most common protocol within local networks, is proposed as a prime connection interface.
  • Our network provides full-connected structure of the corporate network, which will be best failure-protected and will continue functioning even when troubles occur in each station.
  • No redundant data in office-to-office communication.
  • You will need the personnel dealing only with network service features, rather than providing connectivity of offices.

Service Features

  • The service is available in the Ethernet (basic), V.35/X.21, and G.703 interfaces.
  • The channels’ speeds in the range of 512Kbit/sec. to 1Gbit/sec.
  • The Kyivstar Business network provides basic protection level of the corporate network (isolation and integrity).