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The PLC (Private Leased Circuit) channels are «clear» dedicated channels intended for reliable protected corporate networking with guaranteed throughput of local, national and International channels.

The service is available within the Kyivstar Business TDM/SDH transport network. The dedicated switched point-to-point channels are made available with using the TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) technology. The customer’s offices are connected to the ports of the Kyivstar Business transport network via the synchronous local communication channels with guaranteed throughput.


  • Quality and reliability: tthe SDH Kyivstar Business transport network is based on its own fiber-optic cable lines and the equipment of top world manufacturers.
  • Long experience of corporate networking and support for the national customer.
  • Broad Kyivstar coverage provides an opportunity to organize a dedicated channel between the most distant points of the corporate network client.
  • Service: twenty-four-hour monitoring of the SDH and network-access equipment (last mile equipment).

Technological Characteristics

  • The service is available in the G.703 interfaces.
  • The speeds are multiple to nx64Kbit/sec. — 2048Kbit/sec., 45Mbit/sec., 155Mbit/sec.
  • Symmetric non-switched point-to-point lines become available, 100% of the required pass band being reserved within the operator’s network.
  • The service enables carrying data traffic of practically any WAN and LAN Protocols of Layer 2 and higher levels of the OSI model (FrameRelay, HDLC, PPP, IP, IPX, etc.).