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Kyivstar Business Data Center is a European level technological site meeting the highest requirements for data security and preservation which guarantee a great throughput and speed. There are only a few centers of such level in Ukraine. The basic functions of the Data Center are data security and twenty-four-hour access to them from any spot in the world.


Why is the Data Center needed?

In order your data are secured and you could have the twenty-four-hour access to them from any spot in the world.


Reliability and Safety:

  • guaranteed quality of the equipment;
  • environmental protection including protection against changes in temperature, humidity level, static effects;
  • uninterruptible power supply is ensured with two industrial power-supply sources;
  • constant control over the equipment conditions and making data backup;
  • twenty-four-hour protection and video monitoring of the premises with a strict access control.


  • direct networking through fiber optic channels. Gbit connections to International and UA-IX channels.

Service and Convenience:

  • twenty-four-hour duty service; the duty operator’s simple manipulation with equipment by phone;
  • twenty-four-hour access of customer’s specialists to the equipment; special two-workplace room dedicated to operating equipment;

Examples of Use

  • Hosting data to be further used

In open access: these are, most particularly, websites. The Kyivstar Business Data Center offers reliable and qualitative Web hosting with advanced facilities.

In restricted access: smooth operation of different sales outlets using the common database. No expenses for creating your own server-based network;

In closed access: The Kyivstar Business guarantees confidentiality of information and strict access control of the object.

  • Crucial information backup will protect valuable information from unexpected hardware wrecks, catastrophes, faults or purposeful actions of third persons.
  • Exchanging great data volumes with offices or partners.
  • Using computational power of our servers.
  • Leasing servers or hosting own servers to ensure better physical environment and maximum protection.