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Additional IP addresses

Providing additional amount of static public IP-addresses within Kyivstar address space

Wi-Fi Access

Corporate solution to provide Wi-Fi Internet access

Client's AS announcing

Organization of the automatic backup of Internet access by announcing AS (Autonomous System) on BGP.

Domain names

  • Registration/transfer and support of domain names.
  • Support of DNS-zones (primary, secondary, reverse zone in any combination)

Hardware hosting (Colocation)

  • Providing space for Client's telecommunications equipment in the Kyivstar's dedicated data centers (DC).
  • Providing continuous uninterruptible power supply and the necessary climatic conditions.

Additional equipment

Sale or rent, configuration and maintenance of additional telecommunications equipment (servers, switches, routers).

SLA (Service Level Agreement)

  • Enhanced quality assurance
  • Elevated levels of service
  • Additional financial commitments to ensure quality parameters