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Kyivstar offer corporate customers a broadband access to the high-level Internet at a speed of up to 10 Gbit/sec.



  • network access to the “turkey” Internet taking into account current needs and plans for your company development;
  • choice of transmission channel speed from 1 Mbit/sec. to 10 Gbit/sec.;
  • wide coverage of services: major backbone network of data transfer (about 40,000km), capable of any data long distance transmission at a rate of more than 100 GB/s;
  • direct connection to European operators through their own channels of International communication.


  • decisions regarding the corporate network reservation both at the level of equipment and at the level of communication channels;;
  • services are provided on the basis of your own national fiber optic network using proven telecom equipment of the world leaders. Kyivstar pays particular attention to the services quality and services rendering. You can rely on the selected support in the 24×365 mode.

Terms of services:

  • possibility of quick service activation for the account of temporary solution based on wireless technologies.

High service level:

  • individual service-manager;
  • twenty-four-hour support;
  • fast response;
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Additional Services

  • Additional IP-adresses
  • Corporate Wi-Fi solutions
  • AS-client annonciation (BGP)
  • Registration and support of domain names
  • Virtual mail-domain
  • Hardware hosting (Colocation)
  • Rent and support of equipment