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Owing to the useful «Mobile Internet XL» service, fast access to the global network is not charged that will enable using of all opportunities provided by the mobile access to the Internet, without any traffic limitations.

The «Mobile Internet XL» service can be used throughout Ukraine wherein the «Kyivstar» service is available.

How to Become Enabled and Use

The «Mobile Internet XL» service can be enabled with using the autoinformer’s prompts by number 466*41 and via the My Kyivstar self-servicing systems. For business subscribers to order the service, it is necessary to contact Customer Care Centres or use the «My Kyivstar» self-servicing system available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week..

Service enabling is free of charge.

To use the service, a certain access point, to be set and activated in your mobile phone or pocket computer. When the PC is used, an additional setup string is to be entered into the modem, namely: AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP",""

Mobile Internet XL service is not available to subscribers of of such price plan:

  • Unlimited Space, Absolute Unlimited;
  • Unlimited Light +, Business Unlimited Light +;
  • Unlimited Exclusive;
  • М2М, M2M Data transmission, Special M2M;
  • Kyivstar Comfort 400, Kyivstar Comfort 400+;
  • All for 65, All for 70+, All for 90, All for 110, All for 125, All for 160, All for 175, All for 250, All for 250+, All for 300, All for 350, All for 450+, All for 500, All for 800, All for VIP, All for VIP Extra;
  • 3G Business 800, 3G Business 60, 3G Business 120, 3G Business 180, 3G Business 300, 3G Business VIP, 3G Business VIP Extra, 3G Business VIP Premium;
  • 3G Business 30 Special, 3G Business 40 Special, 3G Business 90 Special, 3G Business 250 Special, 3G Business 500 Special;
  • Stardata Voice, Stardata Voice New;
  • Kyivstar Sensor, Kyivstar Calls 35;
  • Business Internet 3G.


The subscriber fee per day of using service is 7 UAH and charged according to actual use of the «Mobile Internet XL» service by the subscriber within a day (from 0:00 to 23:59), i.e. only for those days when the service was used. The subscriber fee for the days when the service was not used is not charged. During the day using, the cost of sent and received megabyte is 0.03 UAH.

As to the contract and business subscribers, the fee is charged the day after the first use of service.

The tariffs are in UAH, including all taxes and fees.