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Activation of the service is not available

Tariffs and charges

Daily subscription fee is 1,50 UAH.

Terms of the service supply

The service works when you access Internet using the network access.

If you have Internet traffic included in your tariff plan or Internet package, at first you use this traffic, then the service “Business Internet withouts limits” is used.

The service is launched on continuing basis.

You can use service only when you are in Ukraine.

After using 50 Mb during a day Internet speed is reduced to 32 Kbit/s.

The service “Business Internet withouts limits” may be ordered by coordinators of business clients, the customers who have the service management right and the customers who are using unlimited tariff plans.

Service “Business Internet withouts limits” is not available for the following tariff plans: "Business Unlimited Exclusive", "Business Unlimited GOLD» «Business Unlimited Platinum», "Business Absolute Unlimited", "Business Unlimited Light+", "Business Team", "Unlimited Exclusive", "Unlimited GOLD", "Unlimited Platinum", " Absolute Unlimited", "Unlimited Light +", "M2M" and "GPRS VPN".

Request for disconnection of service is performed at the end of the month.