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Mobile Internet is a service providing Internet access from either a cellular phone or a notebook wherever the Kyivstar coverage is available.

The Internet packages per day are based on the pay-per-use principle.


  • Payment only for the days when the Internet is used.
  • Possibility to choose data packets according to needs.
  • Application of the wholesale-is-cheaper principle.
  • Easy use of the global network resources wherever and whenever it is possible from a mobile phone or a notebook.
  • Possibility to activate the «10MB daily» package.

Examples of Use

  • Occasional use of Internet to revise mail and view Internet sites.
  • Access to the global network during vacations or on business trip.
  • The «10MB daily» packages will be of interest to the first-time users of the mobile Internet, as well as to those who enter the Internet occasionally to revise mail or retrieve.

Service Opportunities

You can use the mobile Internet:

  • on the mobile phone screen;
  • on the computer screen with applying either a modem or a cellular phone as a modem;
  • on the tablet screen, having inserted the SIM card into the device.

User Manual


Phone setting

  • To employ the service, you should set the standard GPRS access point in your mobile phone —

Computer setting, when the phone is used as a modem

  • When using the PC, an additional setup string of the modem initialization should be introduced into the modem parameters, namely: AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP«,

Modem setting

  • When using the modem, the standard GPRS access point should be applied —

Checking balance of the no-charge megabytes as of the current day:

  • For the «10 MB daily» package, dial *220*10*2# on your phone and press the call key (inquiry sending is of no charge);
  • For the «Unlimited day» packages, dial *220*700*2# on your phone and press the call key (inquiry sending is of no charge);
  • Enter the wap/web page of the My Kyivstar self-service system.

Tariffs and Payment


«10 MB daily»

«Unlimited day»

No-charge data per day, MB



Daily subscriber fee, UAH



Cost of 1 MB above the no-charge volume, UAH

According to your tariff plan

Tariffs are given in UAH, VAT inclusive. The retirement tax is surcharged in the amount of 7,5% of the service cost, exclusive of VAT.

The subscriber fee, as well as the no-charge megabyte volume, is charged per 24 hours of the Internet use, starting from 00:00 o’clock. If the subscriber does not use the Internet, the subscriber fee is not charged.

How to activate

The business subscriber can order the «10 MB daily» package on his own (without any coordinator), by either of two ways:

  • calling to the voice menu by 477*220*
  • dialing the USSD-code: *220*10*1# and pressing the call key.

The company’s coordinator can order the «10 MB daily» package for the subscribers of his company by either of two ways:

  • calling to the voice menu for coordinators by 477*220*;
  • applying to the Subscribers Service Centre;
  • making an order via the My Kyivstar self-service system.

The package is activated within 24 hours after ordering.