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Try the Mobile Internet within a Month Free of Charge

All new subscribers of the Mobile Internet being the business clients are given a chance to test the «Try Internet 50» promotion offer.

No-charge data amount per moth

Monthly subscriber charge, UHA

Cost of 1 MB above the subscribed volume, UHA

Try Internet 50

50 MB


According to your tariff plan

You can activate the package on your own via the voice menu by dialing 477*220* till July 30th, 2011.

The promotion package is valid till the end of the calendar month of activation request.

Having used the promotion package you will have the opportunity to order any Internet package for business clients on standard terms, namely: «Business-Internet 5», «Business-Internet 50», «Business-Internet 500» and «Business-Internet Unlimited».

To check the balance of the no-charge data amount, please dial *220*5# and press the call key.