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For the corporate customers we offer the following account replenishment options:


For the purpose of improving payment discipline and according to the paragraph 5.2 of the Agreement of mobile communication services, and also to the articles 16, 546, 549, 550, 551, 625 of the Civil Code of Ukraine and the article 36 of the Law of Ukraine “On Telecommunications” a mobile communication provider has the right for provision of obligation fulfillment and application of financial penalties to a subscriber who is in arrears with payment for telecommunication services.

Financial penalties will be automatically accrued on the amount of principal debt in the form of:

  • fine (in the amount of NBU discount rate);
  • inflation rate (according to official data of National Committee of Statistics of Ukraine);
  • 3 percent per annum (for the whole overdue period, accrued on the debt amount).

Dear subscribers! Please, pay telecommunication service bills in time!

Kyivstar GSM CJSC

Lines in the bill (PDF, 521 KB)