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Contract subscribers can independently transfer funds from their mobile account to another mobile account, namely: replenish mobile phone accounts of their relatives or friends, if these personal accounts are registered for one person.

This service is especially useful for subscribers who are in roaming or live in remote areas and do not have the opportunity to replenish the account.

To be able to make a transfer, the service must be connected to the operator (the recipient does not need to connect the service).

To transfer funds:

You need to generate a request:
*124*ХХХ*380ХХХХХХХХХ# call
where XXX is the amount of the transfer, XXXXXXXXX is the subscriber's number.

A response will be systematically generated on the sent request, indicating the beneficiary's subscriber's number, amount, confirmation code.

To confirm the fund's transfer:

*125*XXXX# call
where XXXX is the confirmation code that was sent in response to the generated request. Confirmation must be sent within 5 minutes, otherwise, transfer of funds will be cancelled. In case of successful transfer of funds, the SMS will be delivered to the transfer initiator with confirmation and transaction number.


  • The minimum amount of transfer is 1 UAH.
  • The maximum is 1000 UAH.
  • The amount of transfer must be a multiple of 1 UAH (without kopecks).
  • The balance after the transfer - 3 UAH.
  • For successful transfer, the amount of the account should be more than 4 UAH.