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Please, note: the service is unavailable for connection.

The mobile manager service is a unique offer for corporate clients of Kyivstar Company which:

1. Gives an opportunity for a company/corporation to control independently expenditures on calls of its employees.

2. Allows reducing mobile communications costs by means of calls restriction for some employees, for instance:

  • calls at off hours or on certain days of week;
  • calls on numbers which are charged at different tariffs (for example, international calls or additional services)

3. Makes mobile communications more convenient for employees.

Service Advantages

1. Reduction of mobile communications costs by means of call restriction, for instance:

  • Calls at off hours or on certain days of week;
  • Calls on numbers which are charged at different tariffs (for example, international calls)

2. Provision of more convenient mobile communications for colleagues:

  • Opportunity to make calls faster and more handy, MMS sending on short numbers inside your organization;
  • Restriction control for outcoming calls depending on the time of a day or the day of a week.

3. Opportunity to manage service independently (to activate or deactivate functions) and get information online:

  • Simple and accessible way of controlling the service via the Internet;
  • Online information about calls (number, duration, direction) of all subscribes of the corporation.
Entry for Mobile Manager users

If you are a coordinator of corporation, which has already activated the Mobile Manager service, please, use the reference to proceed to the service web-interface.

Service Advantages

1. Service control by the coordinator from any computer connected to the Internet via the web-interface.

You can:

  • connect the corporation subscribers to the service
  • change parameters or service settings independently at any time

2. Corporation address book creation with names assignment, opportunity to search a subscriber by entering his name or surname.

3. Short numbers usage for more convenient mobile communications inside the corporation.

Available range of short numbers:

  • from 1000 up to 9999

The corporation itself defines and sets up the necessary short numbers for its subscribers. The subscribers can make calls and send MMS using the short numbers within the corporation.

4. Opportunity to restrict outcoming calls for subscribers depending on the following profiles:

  • time and day of a week
  • call direction

For example, from 9:00 till 18:00 Monday-Friday, you can forbid your subscribers to make calls outside the corporation; for weekend you can forbid to make international calls, etc. Calls time, days and directions you can choose yourself!

Attention! When you set up the "black list" for the dial lock on all three-digit numbers [$ # # #] the dial is locked on all three-digit numbers, except 112. Emergency call numbers 101, 102, 103, 104 will not be possible. To enable the dial-up, you must configure exceptions in the "white list" and add there the emergency numbers.

5. Calls, SMS/MMS, GPRS services statistics for previous 90 days.

You can get the information about any number included into your corporation in a few seconds.

Statistics includes:

  • type of calls,
  • number of minutes, SMS, MMS or transferred data,
  • cost of calls, SMS, MMS or transferred data.

Besides, you can make a request and get a detailed bill to your computer on any corporation number online, save it, print or forward via email.

6. The Group Hunting function allows making more efficient and trouble-free connection with your partners. The “Office Number” of the corporation is provided upon the Group Hunting function activation. It guarantees that you won’t miss any important call even at free time and weekends. (The office number is a virtual number in the +38067-XXX-XX-XXformat, it does not require a SIM card). The “Office Number” cannot be unreachable or switched off; it means that you always stay in touch. You can inform your business partners about your special office number. It provides a supplementary opportunity of direct communication with any of your employees when it is really necessary.

The function allows redirecting of all incoming calls from the Office Number to your corporation subscribers group.

Main possibilities:

  • You can connect up to 5 office numbers to one corporation
  • There are the following types of group hunting: consecutive — incoming calls are redirected to the corporation subscribers consecutively, parallel – parallel call of subscribers
  • A group can consist of 2-10 corporation subscribers
  • Time profiles — depending the time and day of a week
  • “On default” profile
  • Voice message for subscribers calling the Office Number (greeting and a message which will sound while waiting for connection).

7. The Virtual secretary function will help your business partners themselves to connect with the employee they need with the help of Auto Informant tips. The corporation coordinator may record a voice message with the instructions, names and surnames of responsible employees, company departments and units or the subscriber number itself (for your choice). The Virtual Secretary function is available upon connection of the Office Number service.

Main possibilities of the function:

  • Time profiles — depending the time and day of a week
  • “On default” profile
  • Voice message for subscribers calling the Office Number (your corporate greeting and voice menu for the subscriber’s choice).

8. The Calls Queue function allows distributing rationally flow of incoming calls that are coming to the number of the most wanted employee.

If your business partners call the Office Number they will hear your personal greeting and will be offered to wait for connection. The call is hold in a queue and afterwards is redirected to the employee chosen by you who is usually very busy with the incoming calls as the line is always busy it is difficult to reach him. Upon that the subscriber who is making the call will be informed how many subscribers are in a queue before him and what is his number in the line. It will help your business partner to decide if he can wait for connection or call later on. Simultaneously there may be up to 5 people in the queue.

You can redirect the calls from one phone number to the other depending on the overload of the employee.

9. The Office Secretary function allows managing incoming calls on-the-fly.

How does it work? On the computer monitor your secretary can see numbers of all the subscribers who are currently calling to the Office Number and their number in a line in real time. It gives an opportunity to answer the most important for you call having chosen it among the others or redirecting the important call to the number of any other corporation subscriber.

The person who is calling your Office Number will hear your personal greeting (which you can record yourself) with the offer to wait for connection.

In order to manage the Calls Queue, Office Secretary and your personal greeting recording the coordinator of your company should dial 475 (free within Kyivstar network). Besides, the coordinator has the opportunity to record, edit, and download his own voice messages, greetings or melodies via the service WEB-interface which is very convenient and advantageous if the coordinator is in the roaming.

Additional functions of the Office Secretary:

  • Possibility to use the company address book at the service web-page to search the corporation subscriber – his phone number or e-mail;
  • To send short text messages as well as e-mail messages to the employees if necessary;
  • To arrange conference calls for subscribers calling to your Office Number and your company subscribers.

If it is impossible to use the Office Secretary function online (for example, at weekend or if the secretary is absent) the incoming calls are received automatically (similar to the Virtual Secretary function).

To learn more about service usage, please, read manual:

Download instruction about Mobile Manager service (in Ukrainian)

Service Tariffication

Mobile ManagerTariff rate, UAH
Service activation fee**


Monthly subscription fee**


Detailed bill via the WEB-interface***


Office Number activation*


Monthly fee for the Group Hunting function****


Monthly fee for the Virtual Secretary function****


Monthly fee for the Calls Queue function****


Monthly fee for the Office Secretary function****


SMS delivery from via the Office Secretary web-page


Outcoming calls cost from the Office Number to the corporation subscribers’ numbers


Calls to the Office Number for the Group Hunting, Virtual Secretary, Office Secretary and Calls Queue services
from a Kyivstar subscriber’s number within Ukraine

as a call to Kyivstar number according to current rates

from city numbers and numbers of other mobile operators within Ukraine

as a call to Kyivstar number according to current rates

from a Kyivstar subscriber’s number being in the roaming

according the roaming operator tariff rates

from a corporation group subscriber’s number who is calling to the office number of the same corporation subscribers group

according to the corporation subscribers group rates

All the tariffs are indicated in UAH including VAT and excluding the Pension Fund fee.

How to Connect

Please, note: the service is unavailable for connection.

Service connection is done via the corporation coordinator.