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"Private account" - a service that enables the access to the internet and use the necessary amount of megabytes by numbers of corporate subscribers, paying for it personally.

Need more megabytes than you company provides? Try the "Private Account" service from Kyivstar. Use the mobile internet paying from your personal account.


  • Order simply: one SMS from your corporate number, and the service connected at once.
  • Choose one of four packages or pay for the internet upon the terms of your plan.
  • Change the monthly traffic package according to your needs.
  • Feel individual approach.
  • Enjoy the independence from your corporation.
  • Use a single phone number for both personal and business needs.

How to activate

1) Select the option that fits your needs:

Form of payment for internet accessCodes to order
Without monthly feeUnder the terms of your corporate number plan0
With monthly fee1000 МB
at 60 UAH/mo
3000 МB
at 150 UAH/mo
5000 МB
at 225 UAH/mo
7000 МB
at 280 UAH/mo

Tariffs are indicated including all taxes and fees.

2) Send an SMS-message to number 4949, which contains:

  • code to order from the table below;
  • your first name, patronymic, and last name.

SMS-message format:

Code to order <space>Last name<space>First name <space>Patronymic

For example, if Pavel Ivanovich Petrak orders 3000 MB bundle, he should send following text message to number 4949: 3 Petrak Pavel Ivanovich

For more details, call 922*49

Since the given subscriber's information do not allow to specifically identify an individual, and because of the lack of reliable (documentary) evidence, these data are not personal data. Therefore, their data treatment, according to the current legislation does not require the consent of the individual to the processing of personal data.

How it works

  • Once the service is ordered the separate personal account for your number will be created.
  • After receiving an SMS with the number of private personal account, you should top it up. Pay online with no commission on the page with credit card or use a scratch card or a terminals at Kyivstar shops. When replenishing account, you can also enter your phone number.
  • After the order the monthly fee will be charged and you get the appropriate amount of megabytes. To check the balance of megabytes, dial *249#.
  • If you choose to pay internet access under your corporate plan conditions, you can use the mobile internet as long as the funds will be in a private account. Then you should top it up again.

Rates and payments

Activation of the "Private Account" service and the use of it is not charged. You only pay a monthly fee for selected internet package or internet access under the conditions of your corporate plan.


  • Order the "Private Account" service in the following cases:
    • if your corporation limits your access to the internet;
    • if you need a larger amount of megabytes than provided by your corporation.
  • Replenishing a private account don’t confuse it with a corporate account number.
  • Private account funds can be spent only to a monthly fee for selected internet package or to internet access under the terms of the plan, connected to corporate numbers.
  • Package megabytes are available until the end of the month after the monthly fee charge. Once all package megabytes will be used, internet access will be charged until the end of the month under the terms of your plan.
  • Check the condition of the private account by dialing *111# or contact our service numbers 466 and 0 800 300 466.
  • To replace the selected package or deactivate the "Private Account" service please call 922*49.