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In a century of dynamic development of information technologies the questions of security of distant access to data and equipment for local or corporate networks become topical. With regard to this “Kyivstar” provides the service “Corporate VPN network”.

The service “Corporate VPN network” is a perfect alternative to cable and satellite access, moreover, it is an alternative that has a number of undoubted advantages:

  • high security multilevel system of data protection;
  • low cost of the rented channels;
  • safe remote data access;
  • ease of connection to new networks and customers.

Service “Corporate VPN network” will help you to review the corporate site of the company, to work with the database and the files of your network even outside of your office, as well as to ensure access to corporate programs and systems. With this you can be completely certain of the access safety, as well as of a reliable protection of your information.

To use the service you will need a notebook, a pocket computer or a mobile phone. If necessary, you can connect terminals, ATMs and other equipment.

At the stage of connection to the service, the peculiarities of your company networks are taken into account: specific means of authorization, information security policies, use of secured access.

The use of the service allows the corporate client:

  • to organize a dedicated mobile segment of local network of your company;
  • to give your employees IP addresses from you company’s IP addresses pool;
  • to provide a secured network for the access of employees to the network of their company.

From now on the customers of “Kyivstar business” — large enterprises have the possibility to manage the service “Corporate VPN network” through “My Kyivstar” selfcare system.

  • to connect to or disconnect the service “Corporate VPN network” for your customers;
  • to change the dedicated point of access, static IP-address, tariff package;
  • to control the volume of internet traffic use.

Examples of use of “Corporate VPN network” service

  • Office activities: provision of access to corporate information resources of your organization (emails, office documentation, databases) for your employees whose work is connected with business trips, constant movements, etc.
  • Banking activity and gaming business: connection of ATMs, game machines, POS-terminals to the processing centers in order to enact financial operations and to control them (handing out money, control of account balance, etc.). Connection is possible even in the places where the wire cannot be laid and the satellite is out of visibility or such a connection is too expensive.
  • Transportation of cargo, taxi services, courier services: organization of surveillance of mobile objects, real time monitoring, route control.
  • Utility service: remote collection of data (temperature of the heat-carriers, indicators on water, gas, electricity gauges, etc.) and the control of the state of the objects (failures, malfunctions).

When connected to the service “Corporate VPN network” you will obtain a free fixed IP address which will be “tied” to a telephone number. The speed of data transfer while using the service is up to 42,2 Мb/sec.

Principle of operation

Data transfer is performed through a secured tunnel which is formed between the corporate network and the network of the operator.

The main safety measures when using the service are:

  • Allocation of a unique access point number (APN). Only some predetermined users of the allocated APN will be able to gain access to corporate APN network.
  • Coding of data on the basis of IPSec specification.
  • Routing of data exclusively to corporate client network.
  • For access to the corporate network one can use any mobile phone which supports GPRS/3G technology or GPRS/3G modems.

Technical support

The “technical support” service is a free supplement to this service, with which you will get access to a round-the-clock support of technical support service employees, who will provide prompt solutions in all the difficult situations that may arise when using the service.

“Technical support” service can be connected to one or some corporate numbers.

To connect to “Technical support” service please contact Corporate Clients Service Department or Customer Service Department of “Kyivstar”.

To connect to the service “Corporate VPN network” it is necessary to contact the Corporate Clients Service Department. For a more detailed information and to specify the addresses of Corporate Clients Service Department, please call:

  • (044) 466-0-466 (for calls from fixed line numbers or mobile telephones of other operators — costs are in accordance with the current tariffs);
  • 466 (for calls to the numbers of „Kyivstar” network — free of charge).