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Data transmission between SIM cards, inserted in different devices (alarms, sensors, counters, vending coffee machines etc.)


  • A full set of technologies for data transmission: GPRS/EDGE, CSD, SMS
  • Saving due to special wholesale tariffs
  • Ease of management and control through the “My Kyivstar” system

Usage Examples

  • Security and safety: data receiving from alarm devices and personal safety devices;
  • Automated recording and management systems: data collecting from counters, management of remote objects;
  • Automated points of sale: work control of vending machines of coffee, tea, bank machines etc.

Additional features

  • Monitoring and controlling of devices location with M2M SIM cards with the help of the “Navigator” service;
  • An ability to build secure VPN networks with selection of IP addresses.

Tariff Rates

Bundle name3G M2M3G M2M Premium
Monthly subscription fee150 UAH225 UAH
Monthly non-charged service scope
Voice, data and fax information transfer to Kyivstar phone numbers3000 min5000 min
Mobile internet3000 MB5000 MB
SMS to mobile operators in Ukraine300 SMS500 SMS
Service cost over non-charged scope
Voice, data and fax information transfer to Kyivstar phone numbers0,05 UAH/min0,05 UAH/min
Mobile internet0,11 UAH/MB0,11 UAH/MB
SMS to mobile operators in Ukraine0,21 UAH/SMS0,21 UAH/SMS

Other M2M tariff proposals conditions are the same as of M2M basic voice tariff proposal.

Upon connection the M2M Basic tariff plan with locked telephony, the monthly no-charge volume of services can be used in full only for data and fax transmission.

Tariffs are given in UAH including VAT as of 17.07.2014. The Pension Fund fee in the amount of 7.5 % of the service cost is additionally charged excluding VAT.

If you need bigger volume of megabytes for the traditional Internet access, connect the the data packages accordingly.

How to enable

A company coordinator can connect a new number or change a tariff plan on existing SIM cards to the tariffs of M2M at the Subscriber Service Center of Kyivstar or through web-interface of the “My Kyivstar” system.