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  • Possibility to top up Kyivstar prepaid subscribers’ accounts by Kyivstar contract subscribers and vice versa.
  • Possibility to top up the account for a person in the roaming.

Service General Information

  • While replenishing other person’s account, the costs from a top up card are not added to the sender’s account but to the receiver’s account at once.
  • The service is provided automatically for all subscribers without any preliminary application.
  • The service does not require any additional mobile settings.
  • The number of operations on other person’s account replenishing from your mobile by a scratch card is unlimited.
  • One can receive the costs to his mobile account only twice per 24 hours.
  • The sender’s number and receiver’s number cannot be the same.

Top Up Algorithm

To top up other person’s account the subscriber has to send the following request by USSD:

where ХХХХХХХХХХХХХХ — a top up code,
380yyyyyyyyy — the subscriber’s number, whose account will be replenished.

The subscriber, who carried out replenishing from his mobile, will be notified by the following answer:
Rahunok abonenta 380XXХХХХХХ popovneno na XX grn.

The subscriber, whose account was replenished, will be notified by the following SMS:
Abonent 38XXXХХХХХ popovnyv Vash rahunok na XX grn.


The Kyivstar does not hold any special events (offers or competitions) using the money transfer service and account top up codes. The subscriber takes the responsibility for using the money transfer service and for not disclosing top up codes to the third parties.


The service is free of charge.

Detailed Information

  • 466 (calls from the Kyivstar network numbers are free of charge);
  • (044) 466-0-466 (calls from the fixed line numbers or other mobile operators’ numbers are charged according to the current tariffs).