Checking your car on a smartphone.

Looking for a way to protect your car? Kyivstar offers a simple and profitable solution with which you can check the status of your car and track its location.


  • Possibility of self-installation in the car;

  • Compatibility with 2007+ cars (OBD-2 connector);

  • Works anywhere there is coverage Kyivstar;

  • Free mobile app.

Autotracking − these are two devices and a mobile app

  • Autoinformer informs you about:
    – turn the ignition key;
    – impact of a car;
    – start moving;
    – lack of signal.

  • Automayak will help you find a car in case of theft:
    – compact device;
    – does not require connection to the car's onboard system;
    – depending on the intensity of use works autonomously up to 4 years;
    – cannot be scanned due to the work in the «ping» mode;
    – mode accelerated the geo-tracking car, working with a frequency of 6 times per hour – the mode of «alarm»;
    – message with information about the location of the car in a mode close to real-time the mode of «chasing».

  • Autotracking − app that you need to download to your smartphone (iOS or Android). Messages are sent to the application via SMS or incoming calls, depends on the type of message.




«Autoinformer» + «Automayak»

Device cost

1999,00 UAH

1999,00 UAH

3699,00 UAH

Monthly Fee

65,00 UAH

35,00 UAH

100,00 UAH

Weekly Fee

16,25 UAH

8,75 UAH

25,00 UAH

Daily Fee

2,32 UAH

1,25 UAH

3,57 UAH

Cost of use in roaming

Does not work

60,00 UAH on the day of use
(unlimited access to information is provided)


Devices can be purchased both together and separately, depending on your needs.

The tariffs are indicated including all taxes and fees.

Where can I buy?

You can buy Autoinformer and/or Automayak in the online-store Kyivstar.

Go to online-store.

The Autotracking app can be downloaded using the following links:

Additional information

Do I need to buy a separate SIM-card to use the service Autotracker?

The devices are already equipped with SIM-cards that provide connection to the Internet. You do not need to monitor the status of the account of these cards.

How is the monthly fee charged?

  • The subscription fee is withdrawn from the number you indicated during registration;
  • If the monthly subscription fee cannot be paid due to a lack of funds, a weekly subscription fee is charged, which you will be informed by SMS from number 2626;
  • If the weekly subscription fee cannot be withdrawn due to a lack of funds, a daily subscription fee is charged, which you will be informed by SMS from number 2626;
  • If there are not enough funds in the account and to withdraw the daily subscription fee, the Week of trust service is activated, and within 7 days access to the service is still provided in full. At the end of the Week of trust service term, access to the service is terminated, which the subscriber will be informed via SMS.

Will Autotracking work if I go abroad?

In the roaming, Autoinformer does not work. Automayak works on the following principle:

  • Automatically, your number will receive an SMS and a message in the application stating that the device is roaming;
  • To Automayak begin to work in roaming, you need to click button Pay in roaming in the application. You can use this button at any time;
  • The cost of using in roaming is removed only on request of the subscriber 60 UAH per day;
  • After payment, unlimited access to information is provided (until 23:59:59 Kiev time).